Coronavirus: everything we know at the moment

Coronavirus COVID-2019 has become a serious challenge to humanity. Oil prices are falling, the plants producing equipment is suspended. A decrease in the rate of growth of the world economy. And all this because of the coronavirus? Yes. There are many different coronaviruses, however, it COVID-2019 (virus of the family of coronaviruses) is currently the most dangerous, because humanity has not yet developed a vaccine for it, and its growth rate is surprisingly fast. Currently, scientists have developed several types of vaccines and testing will be necessary to test them on animals and then on humans. Antiviral medication from COVID-2019 will only appear by mid-2021, according to the most optimistic forecasts.

In this article we will try to answer the most popular questions about the coronavirus COVID-2019 and disclose all information known about it at the moment.

Online counter patients with coronavirus in the world

  • The number of cases of coronavirus in the world: 114 066 people
  • The number of cases of coronavirus in Russia: 20 people
  • The number of deaths from the coronavirus in the world: 4 018 people
  • The number recovered after infection with coronavirus in the world: 63 491

On the Internet a lot of counters showing the number of cases in real time, it should be understood that these counters are based on data published by different countries every day. It is not possible to accurately estimate the number of cases, maybe someone is sick at home and thinks he has the flu or is there where you cannot go to the doctor. We try to update the information our counter every day.

The symptoms of coronavirus

  • Shortness of breath, cough
  • Temperature rise
  • Malaise, weakness, headache, muscle aches (very strong), chills
  • Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Diarrhea

How not to be infected with coronavirus?

As in the case of conventional viruses is very important to wash their hands often, try less to communicate with people at close range. In addition to hand washing, use of various antiseptics containing alcohol. Consider using antibacterial wipes. Read more about how to correctly wash hands and how to make antiseptic, we were told in our recent material.

In Italy, in pharmacies sold out all antiseptic gels for a few hours after the announcement of the large number of infected. Today declared a full quarantine. The Italians banned travel, except for critical work. Closed all schools, all institutions of culture, canceled all sporting events, including the national championship in football.

Protect medical mask from the coronavirus?

Unlikely. Probably not, as the side of your face is not tight, and it stops micro-particles of the virus. Much better if a mask is worn infected with coronavirus, but not the one who wants to protect themselves. But it is best to use a respirator — it fits tightly to the face. The most inefficient respirator 30% more efficient than conventional masks. And even in this case, there is a risk of infection, as none of the material is not able to protect against micro-particles of the virus. Read more in our material — the Mask will not protect you 100%

Most likely you will not be able to buy a mask or respirator, and the mask is just not comfortable. Stay clear of people, avoid public places and all will be well. It is not necessary to spend big money to buy masks from dealers.

Cancel any contest due to the coronavirus?

Currently, more and more people discuss the topic of the abolition of the Eurovision song contest, for which Russia will be represented by the group Little Big. In the Netherlands, where the competition will be held, more than 200 infected. In addition, the virus began widespread around the world, growth rates have only been increasing. There is a risk that the epidemic (widespread disease) coronavirus turn into a pandemic, which differs from the epidemic that is spreading in many countries, and in some cases worldwide. Earlier we wrote the material in which in detail he compared the epidemic to the pandemic. Director who is not yet ready to declare a pandemic coronavirus COVID-2019, but is likely to do just that.

The stage of the Formula 1 in Bahrain will be held without fans in the stands, people will return the money for tickets. And the first stage of racing MotoGP was cancelled. This decision was taken by the government of Qatar.

Can a child get sick with coronavirus?

The chances are slim. Children up to 15 years, yet inexplicably less susceptible to the new virus. Probably their body otherwise responds to COVID-2019, so worry not for your children. Of course, measures should be taken, because there is a risk of a pandemic.

Learn how to prepare for a pandemic coronavirus in our recent article.

It should be noted that a virologist Ian Mackay now recommends that you start preparing food, and drugs, because in the future when the pandemic is officially declared, amid the panic will be difficult to get the necessary products on the shelves. Sounds very apocalyptic, but we must face the truth.. and this could happen.

What you need to know about the coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses. Just included 37 species and the most famous and dangerous today is the Wuhan COVID-2019, which is usually called the “new coronavirus”. And today when it comes to coronavirus, mean it. The first reports COVID-2019 appeared in China on 31 December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, with a population of 12 million people, and the first clinical manifestations of the virus in the diseased appeared 8 Dec. The cause of the virus called snake, which it was transmitted from bats. In China, snakes are sometimes used as food. We recently wrote in more detail about the new coronavirus.

Deaths from coronavirus

Many wonder what is the percentage of deaths from the coronavirus. At the moment, the highest rate recorded in Italy — 5%. The average of coronavirus dies 3% of cases. For comparison, the mortality of ordinary flu is equal to only 0.1% of the patients. Sounds scary, but China was able to defeat the virus, the number of cases began to decrease, even were closed two hospitals in Wuhan, built specifically for patients with coronaviruses.

In search of "patient zero": the scientists are looking for a person, which began with the outbreak of coronavirus

Why coronavirus is called?

It’s very simple. From the outer shell of the virus deviated spinous processes that are very similar to a small crown. Was very ominous name, virus the KING or the KING of viruses. “The virus with the crown” now the important thing what you say all media.

Can I get a cat or a dog with coronavirus?

Even though animals are able to be infected by the coronavirus, the probability that they will give it to the man, approaching zero. Earlier, in Hong Kong was the first recorded case of infection with coronavirus dog. It took under quarantine and examined. The animal had a low level of infection, and while there is no evidence that Pets can spread the disease. More information about this is available at this link.

Arbidol helps with the coronavirus?

The Chinese authorities called it a cure of the novel coronavirus. Arbidol was created in the USSR in 1970-ies and is an effective tool in the fight against viruses. The drug included in the list of vital and essential drugs (EDL). It is interesting that until proven the effectiveness of Arbidol in the treatment of the novel coronavirus. Why, then, the Chinese authorities consider him a cure COVID-2019, and how effective?

Don't panic, but do not buy at inflated prices. There is no evidence that it helps.

The panic around the new coronavirus stupid

Elon Musk

Will the coronavirus in the cost of food?

Amid the spread of the virus-exporting countries of the oil organization OPEC failed to agree on reducing oil production. Because of this, the price of a barrel of oil fell to $ 45, this is a record-low price. Against this background, the ruble has weakened against the dollar and the Euro by about 10 rubles. This will undoubtedly entail increase of prices for food products and especially on technology (smartphones, computers, and so on). Note, however, that our country has not once experienced such a scenario. In comparison with the danger posed by the coronavirus, raising prices is easy.

Apple will cancel the presentation of a coronavirus?

More and more people believe that Apple may abandon the presentation of WWDC and move it to another date. In addition, in February the company was forced to reduce the production of smartphones, but now the production line resumed its work. So cancel or not? Probably not. The company can make a presentation in an online format without journalists.