Contact lenses can help color blind

As you know, the human eye can distinguish up to 1 million color shades, based on the modern concepts of color perception, the visible color is just an illusion. The theory that in the world around us has no colors, can partially confirm that people suffering from color blindness: they, like anyone else, can show that the surrounding reality can be quite different shades. In order to help those for whom the world is painted in an unusual color, we, scientists invented a new type of contact lens, partially restoring the perception of color, claims portal How exactly does this miracle invention?

How to see the world colorblind?

Widespread among our ancestors, blindness, which is manifested in the human inability to distinguish specific colors at the time, helped Homo Sapiens survive. The state is currently heavily affecting the life of its speakers, in ancient times helped the hunters to identify camouflaged targets and see where color vision gave mistakes. Anyway, today, the number of those who inherited this unique ability of the ancients, is much smaller and is about 8% of the total population of the planet. In order to alleviate the plight of those who cannot see the world in its usual colors, engineers from tel Aviv University in Israel came up with a unique method of colour correction of the transfer film to the surface of contact lenses. It is reported that the invention can not only help those suffering from color blindness, but can be applied for treatment of other disabilities.

The idea of creating lenses from blindness has old roots. Over a hundred years ago a scientist from Scotland, James Clerk Maxwell famously developed an equation to describe electromagnetic waveswhich we call light, at the same time assuming that filtering certain colors can help you appear less bright shades. Several years after the discoveries of Maxwell, the scientist-material scientist don McPherson discovered that the correct mixture of rare earth metals that are embedded in transparent material, can dissipate wave in such a way that achieved the correct level of filtering of light.

The result of the works and Maxwell, and MacPherson became quite successful EnChroma, the company that manufactures glasses for people with “red-green” colorblindness. Just a couple of hundred dollars out of your pocket and you can consider yourself the owner points, correcting the defects of color perception.

Due to the fact that EnChroma glasses gromozda much more convenient contact lenses, new technology of color filtering, proposed by the Israeli scientists is based on optical properties setpowermode responsible for the ways the passage of light in the material. According to experts, the use of metaphores instead of a filter medium greatly facilitates the setting of properties of the material in accordance with individual needs. So, moving 40-nanometer film on a curved lens, the researchers had a unique lens, the results of laboratory tests which showed that the invention can improve the perception of color up to 10 times.