Can Pets be infected with coronavirus?

Coronavirus infection, which is most commonly transmitted by airborne droplets by analogy with the viruses SARS and influenza. Affecting the lower respiratory tract, the virus causes severe pneumonia, vaccine, which to date does not yet exist. It is known that the victims of the disease are most often the elderly and adults with weakened immune systems, however, the precedent described in the online journal livescience.comshows that the coronavirus can infect and animals. The case of a dog, whose mistress was diagnosed by the presence in the body of the virus COVID-19 shows that Pets can also be carriers of nasty diseases.

Coronavirus and animals

The first reports that the animal was a victim of coronavirus infectionemerged in Hong Kong, where living in the same room with his owner Pomeranian, showed the presence in the body “weak positive” result for coronavirus. The test results were published by the Department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation Hong Kong on February 28, but then the scientists could not determine whether the animal was infected or if it just picked up traces of the virus from a contaminated surface.

The dog was taken into quarantine and examined by experts from the University of Hong Kong and the world Organization for animal Health, which unanimously agreed that the animal really had a low level infection. However, whether this result is to say that pet owners should be restricted to walking their Pets? Fortunately for all pet lovers, experts argue that concerns in this case are totally unfounded.

Despite the fact that the Pomeranian from Hong Kong has tested positive for the coronavirus, there is no evidence that Pets can spread the infection. The affinity coronavirus infection with acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) struck in 2003, almost half of the planet, demonstrates that animals, compared with man, is not able to transmit the virus through airborne droplets.during the epidemic of SARS was detected a few animals with a positive result for the presence of viral infection, none of the pet is not sick and hasn’t shown any symptoms of the disease.