Why women should not drink cow’s milk?

About the benefits of cow’s milk many people know from childhood. According to scientists, it is rich in proteins, calcium and other nutrients. However, recently American scientists have found that women it is best to completely abandon cow’s milk. The fact that during the research they found that regular use of this “beverage” in women many times increases the risk of breast cancer. What’s interesting is that scientists have any idea why cow’s milk is so bad for the health of women and practically harmless for men. But what to do, do from drinking the milk needed to give up completely? Of course not.

About the dangers of cow’s milk for the female body was described in a scientific journal International Journal of Epidemiology. In scientific work the researchers examined data on 53 thousands of women from North America, whose average age was 57 years. At the beginning of the study women had no oncological diseases, but the scientists monitored their diet and health eight years and over time some of the problems women still appeared. In particular, we are talking about 1057 women who have by the end of the research was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Harm to cow’s milk for women

It turned out that the majority of women with breast cancer had a habit to drink several glasses of milk a day. According to scientists, drinking a third Cup of milk increases the risk of cancer by 30%. If women drank one Cup a day, the probability of disease increased to 50%. If the participants were drinking two to three cups of cow milk a day, the risk was as much as 70%.

Scientists explained the harm of cow’s milk for women because it contained sex hormones of animal origin. But we know that breast cancer is extremely sensitive to hormones, disease and milk may trigger its development. The researchers also believe that drinking milk increases blood levels of a protein called insulin-like growth factor-1, which also contributes to the development of some types of cancer.

However, the results of this study are not so surprising. The fact that earlier scientists have conducted research which foundthat women vegans risk of suffering from breast cancer is much less than the others. And the thing is that they consciously do not eat animal products, even milk from the cow.

What can I drink instead of milk?

Fortunately, to completely abandon milk women don’t have to. According to scientists, cow’s milk can easily substitute soy, almond or oat milk. In the study, researchers found that they do not affect the predisposition of women to cancerous diseases and are quite harmless. It is also known that women can safely eat cheese, yogurt and other dairy products. Of course, all you need to know the measure, because the abuse of any food and any person can have health problems.