Why the food you eat with your hands, seems to taste better?

Probably there is no man who does not love to eat. On the way a person perceives the taste of food, is influenced by many factors, among which are appearance, temperature, composition of meals and even the surrounding environment. But could you would think that the thrill of the food eaten can affect the hands, we eat it or using Cutlery? That seems pretty true assumption, because it was proved during two experiments conducted by psychologist Adriana Madjarov. In her opinion, if a person eats food with his hands, it seems to be more delicious. But it works only with one important condition.

Of the current study was presented in the scientific publication Journal of Retailing. In the first of the experiments was attended by 45 students, who previously filled a psychiatrist prepared the questionnaire. By using probing questions the researcher wanted to find out who volunteers able to control your eating behavior, and who can not stop the temptation to eat something delicious. As in the experiment played a significant role in the French Munster cheese, with the help of the questionnaire the psychologist additionally made sure that all students are indifferent to this product.

Can I eat food with your hands?

In the first experiment, the participants were asked to try a piece of cheese “Munster”. Previously it is had to see from all sides and only then to assess the taste quality. One of the volunteers ate a piece of lifting it with a toothpick, and the other just with our hands. As it turned out, people who indicated in the questionnaire that are able to control their eating behavior when eating cheese with your hands appreciated its taste much more than those who ate with a toothpick. But those who immediately admitted inability to control yourself in terms of eating food, there is no difference in taste are not noticed.

In order to verify the correctness of the assumption that the method of eating food affects taste perception, we conducted a second experiment. The author of the study divided 145 into two groups. First, it was suggested to behave as supporters of proper nutrition, that is to realize that overeating is injurious to health and spoils the figure. People from the second group, in turn at the time and forgot about his health and could not afford anything.

Both groups of people were offered a plate of small doughnuts. Just like in the previous experiment, individuals first rated the products externally and then began to eat them using toothpicks or fingers. As expected, people who were encouraged to control their eating behavior and eat with your hands, praised the taste of the donuts is much more than the rest.