Why do we have anxiety disorder?

Each of us from time to time feels a sense of anxiety for different reasons. Because you was that you were worried for the health of a loved one or worried because of lack of money? This is perfectly normal, but in the world there are a huge number of people who are in a troubled state most of his life. Canadian researchers decided to conduct extensive research and find out what people and for what reasons often worry. It turned out that the development of anxiety disorders can affect how diet and other factors like marital status.

The results of this study were published in the scientific journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. In the framework of scientific work, scientists carefully analyzed the data of a group of 26 991 people aged 45 to 85 years. In examining their personal data, researchers were able to find out what factors often influence the development of anxiety disorders. Pretty impressive list.

What foods cause people to worry?

As mentioned above, the development of anxiety disorders is strongly influenced by human diet. According to the head of research Karen Davidson, the people who eat at least three kinds of vegetables and fruit a day, 24% more prone to anxiety disorder than others. The researchers also noted if the overall level of body fat person is more than 36%, he 70% more than others in danger of getting bogged down in worries and concerns.

Conclusion — so less to worry over small things, you need to eat more vegetables and fruits and refrain from fast food, the harm which we have been told.

What people tend to anxiety more than others?

The researchers also found that the development of anxiety in addition to diet also affects the gender of a person, his marital status, income level and health status. So, women are subject to disturbing conditions much more than men. However, this is not so unexpected news, because of the greater susceptibility of women to anxiety disorders was evidenced by the results of many other studies.

It was also found that single people worry more than those who live with a partner. If the person receives less than $ 20,000 per year, which equals just over a million rubles, he, too, will worry more wealthy. In principle, this is not surprising, because the constant struggle for existence is a common cause of stress, which, as a rule, is necessarily accompanied by anxiety.

Many people also tend to worry about their health. If history men were more than three chronic diseases that he could obtain the diagnosis of “anxiety disorder” more likely than healthier individuals. The correctness of this fact is also not much doubt, because if you have something hurts, you also begin to worry about it? And once you go online and look for the cause of the pain, your anxiety may increase even more. And in most cases concern is unwarranted, and it turns out that the anxiety could have been avoided, simply show the doctor.

Anamnesis is a collection of data on health collected in the course of medical research.

The most unexpected result of the study was that immigrants were more cool people than those who was born and lives in his native country. To explain this trend, scientists still could not, because it is very strange that recently moved to a new country people worry less than the indigenous population. But the presence of a language barrier and difficulty getting a job must be stressful.