Why do scientists want to teach robots to feel pain?

The presence of feelings hardly ever characterized the carriers of artificial intelligence. At least, in their modern manifestation. Anyway, the new generation robots that can be presented to the public in the near future, will be able to “feel” the pain or even to sympathize with the pain of their comrades. The presence of such human qualities dramatically blurs the line between machine and living organism, giving science fiction writers a lot of useful material for reflection. But whether the robot teaching such “skills” humane? Let’s try to reason together in this article.

Is it possible to teach a robot to feel?

Progress in the development of ever more sophisticated robotic sensory perception faster brings us closer to the day when we will be able with your own eyes to see the “human” robot, capable of compassion and empathy. In order to paperweights once learned how to experience emotions, scientists are already working on the creation of soft faux leather that will hold like a gentle touch and a painful blow. Embedded in such material sensors allow artificial organism to process incoming tactile information by analogy with the nervous system of the body, allowing the plastic to the companion of the man to learn to “empathize” to the suffering of others, claims portal sciencenews.org.

Currently, it is already known that experts in the field of robotics from Osaka University in Japan have developed sensors that reliably capture various types of touches. In the robotic system, called Affetto, which is a frighteningly realistic child’s head, the signals of touch and pain can be converted to emotional facial expressions. Due to the fact that Japanese scientists developed material has high sensitivity, artificial leather allows the robot to better interact with the world around him.

The researchers argue that’affetto can be the first step in creating a truly humanoid robots. The mechanisms to understand and listen, unable to become a reliable assistant in the care of the sick and elderly.