What are the risks of a large number of sexual partners?

Today, scientists from different parts of the world trying to figure out the reasons of occurrence of those or other dangerous diseases. For example, recently, German scientists have found that included in the cosmetic composition preservatives may be the cause of obesity in children of women who actively use them. Such studies are very much one of the most interesting research work is on the relationship between the number of sexual partners and predisposition to cancer and other fatal diseases. In addition to finding this pattern, scientists were also able to find out which people have the most sexual partners.

According to the scientific journal BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Healthin the study, researchers studied the data on 2537 men and 3185 women living in the UK. Information was gathered in a research project English Longitudinal Study of Ageing, and the authors of scientific work were interested in data on people with an average age of 64 years.

The danger of promiscuity

In the survey, 28% of men admitted that their lives had from zero to one partner. About 29% of the men announced 3-4 partners, 20% on 5-9 partners, and 22% have ten or more girls with whom they had relations. As for the women, 41% of participants had zero to one partner, 35% were involved in a relationship with 3-4 men, 16% was in a relationship for nearly nine partners, and 8% in my life had more than ten partners.

The researchers found that a large number of sexual partners available to people who are not married to in family relationships. Also it was influenced by high or low income, and people with average earnings, apparently, had the minimum number of partners. The scientists also noted that many supporters of promiscuity are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. The most interesting discovery was that people with a large number of sexual partners were infected with venereal diseases, but also had a greater risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, we are talking about the fact that women with a large number of sexual partners had a 91% greater predisposition to cancer than others. Almost the same can be said about the men — those who led promiscuous, 69% suffer from fatal diseases than people with regular sexual partners.

Researchers believe that the increased predisposition to dangerous diseases due to complications caused by sexually transmitted infectious diseases. But you also need to take into account the fact that people are promiscuous have a dependency on cigarettes and alcohol. And these common dependencies, incidentally, also greatly increase the likelihood of dangerous diseases.