What animals are able to abstain from food to get even more delicious food?

Cephalopods, which include octopuses and cuttlefish, have a completely different evolutionary path than other animals. They seem to be the most primitive creatures, but have the intelligence level of many mammals. Recently, neuroscientists from the UK during an unusual experiment found that cuttlefish are quite capable to watch movies in 3D-format. Now it became known that these creatures are able to eat on a strict schedule and remember what time they can eat the most delicious food. But as scientists were able to figure it out?

The results of another study involving cephalopods creatures was published in the scientific journal Biology Letters. Researchers from the UK and France have long noticed that the cuttlefish is able to eat strictly at the same time in the morning and evening. They mainly eat marine animals can swallow. In particular, they do not like to eat crabs, but their greatest delicacy is considered the shrimp. In the course of scientific work, researchers decided to find out whether cuttlefish to refuse eating not particularly tasty crustaceans in their stomachs longer any room for the delicious shrimp.

How clever cuttlefish?

To find out, the researchers put the so-called medicinal cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) in two aquarium. The first group of animals in the morning, steadily fed crabs, and in the evening were treated to delicious shrimp. The second group in the morning, ate crabs, and at night they randomly gave either a crustacean or a handful of shrimp. For purity of experiment, the choice of evening menu was determined using a random number generator.

A few days after the start of the experiment, scientists noticed strong differences in the behavior of cuttlefish from two different groups. Animals from the first aquarium quickly realized that in the evenings, just give them a delicious shrimp and began to eat less crabs in the morning. The researchers came to the conclusion that the cuttlefish started to use a limited number of crabs for the sake of satisfying hunger and so in their body left more space for more desirable shrimp.

Cuttlefish from the second aquarium, in turn, realized that there was no stability in their diet there. Therefore, they are practically in equal amounts was used as crabs and shrimp. But in both cases, animals remained fed, though individuals from the first tank had a small advantage in access to consistently good food.

To make sure that their observations did not happen any error, scientists have tried to change the squid in some places. As they expected, individuals who ate unstable, quickly got used to the new conditions and began to eat less crabs, then eat more delicious food.