The sound of the Sun?

The sun is the closest planet to our star, plays a critical role for our comfortable existence in the Universe. Possessing a unique set of characteristics, the Sun seems to us to be absolutely quiet and almost harmless object, even compared to its small neighbors in the galaxy, M dwarfs, which emit huge amount of radiation and electromagnetic noise. If the vacuum of space did not hinder the movement of sound that have had a similar noise coming from the Sun? This question is the authors of the scientific journal Astronomy which decided to conduct new research in one of his articles. It turned out that despite the fact that our Sun seems calm, in fact, the noise that emits star, could simply drive us crazy under certain conditions. So what are similar sounds of the Sun?

The sun is able to make strange noises

Swarnarethas a massive ball of plasma that is our Sun, by its nature, is constantly exposed to convection cycles in which millions of pockets of excessively hot gasesrise and fall with a tremendous roar. Fortunately for mankind, the vacuum is not able to carry out any sounds, but even if we were able to once hear, it is unlikely that we could assess their melody.

Geleophysic Craig Deforest from the Department of space studies southwest research Institute believes that in the vacuum-less conditions our Sun in close proximity to could “scream” like 10,000 Land would be completely covered with police sirens.

If you consider the fact that the Earth is at a distance of 148 million kilometres from the Sun, the sound of the stars in the vicinity of our planet could reach 100 decibels, which are similar to those of playing music on the modern rock concert. However, if short-term stay in such conditions is not particularly dangerous to humans, then the existence throughout our lives exposed to high noise levels can hardly be called pleasant. At least, you would have serious hearing loss. In the worst case we would simply have died, hardly having appeared on the planet in the form of a more or less developed beings.

Anyway, to assume our Universe is absolutely “dumb” place, it would be wrong. Every second of every object in the Universe communicate with each other electromagnetic waves, different types of radiation and “noise” due to the presence of the stars, pulsars and even black holes ability to “sound”. These “sounds” we will never be able to hear without special equipment, which is capable of converting radiation of our universe familiar to our ears the vibrations of the waves.