The owners of any car less likely to allow pedestrians across the road?

Have you ever had something that you calmly crossed the road in a crosswalk, but a driver blatantly drove right in front of you? The American scientists consider that thus come mostly owners of expensive cars, and all the rest are much more modest and more respectful. Also, if miss driver of a person across the road is affected by the gender and race of the pedestrian. All this researchers from us state Nevada was found out in the course of the study, which involved random motorists encountered on the roads of Las Vegas. Also in scientific work has involved four people who were given the task from time to time to move one and the same area of the roadway.

On the conducted research and its results were described in the scientific publication Journal of Transport & Health. The experiment was conducted on one of the streets of Las Vegas with uncontrolled pedestrian crossing. A group of four pedestrians, which were black and white volunteers, male and female, were given the task to go through the crosswalk in different periods of time. The events were watched by the surveillance camera, which recorded the owners of any other cars often do not stop at pedestrians.

Does the car’s character?

In the course of scientific work, pedestrians crossed the road in front of 461 car. To the surprise of researchers, out of this number only 28% of drivers were kind enough to allow volunteers to easily overcome the crosswalk. Among the “Dobryakov” became the owners of relatively inexpensive vehicles, but drivers of expensive cars showed their worst side. According to the researchers ‘ estimates, every $ 1,000 to the cost of the car reduced the probability of stopping the driver before Zebra by as much as 3%.

The researchers also noticed that most drivers give way to white women, but many black men had to wait for cars passing by. That the behavior of drivers and pedestrians may depend on their gender, race and social status, scientists were already known from previous studies. New scientific work only confirmed the existence of such regularities.

According to the researchers the fact that motorists rarely allow pedestrians to cross the road, is a big problem. The fact is that often because of brazen behavior on roads, many people hit by a car and motorists because of this have problems with the law. According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the United States, in 2017 in traffic accidents were injured 200 thousand pedestrians, and 5977 man is killed.