The excess of male hormones increases the risk of cancer in women

The hormones produced by special cells inside our body and enters the blood, greatly affect human health. Their lack or excess can cause metabolic disorders, the occurrence of sleep problems and even increased risk of development of dangerous diseases. Recently, British scientists conducted a study, which found, as the male hormone testosterone greatly affects a person’s predisposition to cancer. It is noteworthy that due to excess male hormone is most at risk to suffer women, because they are at an elevated level of testosterone can develop cancer of the breast or lining of the uterus.

The results of the conducted research was presented on the website of Exeter University (England). A group of scientists wondered — is there a connection between the excess of the male hormone testosterone with an increased risk of developing cancer? It should be noted that testosterone is produced by organisms not only men, but also the necessary women. According to scientists, this hormone plays an important role in the processing of fats, strengthens muscles and helps women to produce another hormone, estrogen. He, in turn, starts the process of puberty and gives women the opportunity to become pregnant and bear a healthy child.

Testosterone in women

To find out how the male hormone affects the predisposition of men and women to cancer, researchers examined data on more than 425 thousand people, taken from the British Biobank. As it turned out, women with high levels of testosterone were more often ill with breast cancer and mucous membrane of the uterus. The researchers also noted that an excess of the male hormone increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 37%.

Recall that cancer is the second cause of death after cardiovascular diseases. Diabetes also is the leading cause of blindness and problems with the cardiovascular system. It turns out that the women is extremely important to monitor the levels of male hormones, otherwise they can cause serious health problems.

Researchers speculate that testosterone causes the above mentioned diseases due to the fact that it increases the amount of visceral fat. And this type of sediment tends to accumulate around important human organs and interfere with their proper operation. Perhaps the high level of the male hormone also triggers inflammatory processes, but to prove this, scientists need to conduct more research.

Meanwhile, elevated levels of testosterone harms men a lot less. Overall, it reduces the risk of diabetes by 14%, however, excess of this hormone significantly increases the risk of prostate cancer.