Some people are able to create their own noise in the ears

The human body is sometimes capable of amazing things. For example, the liver of some people under certain conditions, can independently to produce alcohol, and in fairly large quantities. Also some people are able to move a muscle inside your ears and create a low, something like thunder, sounds. However, this unusual skill has very few people and some very greatly surprised to learn that someone capable of it. But what exactly is tinnitus and can it to hear ordinary people? Of course, you can.

On the unusual ability of some people announced the publication of ScienceAlert, with reference to the Italian scientific Twitter account Massimo. Muscles that can be managed by some people, called tensor tympani , is designed to manage the eardrum. With the reduction of these muscles one hears rumbling sounds, and this is not news to scientists, because this phenomenon was at least described in the book “Elements of physiology,” physiologist Johannes Muller. But for ordinary people, the ability of the human body can be quite amazing.

How does human hearing?

In fact, the human ear works is quite simple. When issued a sound, there are waves which cause the eardrum inside our ears to vibrate. Then, these sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear by means of several bones known as the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. And from the inner ear the audio signals get into the brain and the person understands what he heard.

A small muscle called tensor tympani, is needed to eardrum at some point ceased to vibrate. For example, it is necessary at the occurrence of loud noise coming from outside, ceasing to vibrate, the eardrum protects the inner ear from damage. Also muscle sometimes compresses the eardrum at a time when a person is talking or chewing food. If some muscles do not block the vibration of eardrums, people would simply become deaf from own sounds.

It turns out that people who know how to control this muscle, you can not only create a roar in my ears, but also to protect themselves from loud noise. However, this is not possible for all people, and if they had suddenly found such a gift, they often start to worry and go to the hospital. For example, a complaint against extraneous noise in the ears in 2013 your doctor has addressed 27-the summer man. It turned out that he had nothing to worry about and he just is one of those few people who are able to control the muscles inside your ear.