On the ISS want to build a space hotel

The first space hotel for wealthy tourists may appear on earth’s orbit by 2025 the part of the International space station. In order for the fat cats of the world can admire spectacular views of Earth, NASA have signed a historic agreement with private company Axiom Space. Experts believe that the construction of a unique hotel in low earth orbit can help the growth of the global economy. How much will it cost fun to make selfi on the background of the Earth from the window of the ISS?

The hotel in space

One of the most ambitious projects of the mankind for all history of its existence is deservedly considered the creation of the International space station. 20 November 1998 on the orbit of the planet, was successfully launched the first residential module of the future international house, a shelter for conducting unique studies of the 19 countries. After almost 30 years after the start of a unique project, NASA experts intend to provide the public another Grand plan, to see which can any holder of several dozen million in your pocket.

The Axiom hotel “ISS” will be ready to open its gates for the first space guests for the second half of 2024, according to the portal futurism.com. In the composition of the capsule is planned to start also the node module, research and production complex, comfortable unit for the habitat crew and the Observatory of Land with panoramic Windows for the formation of the hotel market. The main contractor of the production will be a private company Axiom Space, founded in 2016 by Michael Suffredini — a former employee of NASA.

A ticket to the “hotel of the future” will cost private travelers $ 50 million. In the price 8 nights ‘ accommodation in a hotel in orbit will include high-speed Internet, unhindered view of the Earth and a variety of other entertainment in zero gravity.

Construction of new ISS modules, including the hotel, will prevent the tense relations between the countries — owners of the International Space Station. Due to political differences between the US and Russia, a joint operation of the station can be finally phased out in 2024, which could significantly affect the company’s plans Axiom Space for the development of public space travel. Anyway, even if United States makes a formal decision about the suspension of work on the ISS, the hotel “Axiom” will appear in any case. It is known that in this situation, company representatives plan to move on its own power platform located outside of the space station.