Love of people can be identified by gait

In the world there are billions of people with different personalities, world views and Hobbies. We are constantly interacting with each other, and from time to time in the course of communication, create friendships and even romance. With all this, we don’t even notice that sometimes we Express our sympathy to another person using body language. Recently, Japanese scientists have proven that if a person walks down the street syncing the steps with his companion, that means he really likes him. They also found that trust-building is best talk while walking in the fresh air instead of being in a crowded room. But how the scientists came to these conclusions?

Conducted by Japanese scientists about the experiment was presented in the scientific journal Plos One. Professor Jia-Hui Tseng and his colleagues from Tohoku University gathered a group of men and women and divided them into ten pairs, so that they were not familiar among themselves. Some couples had to walk a few minutes and chat, some of the volunteers walked in silence, and the remaining pairs completed the questionnaire in the room. All this time the people were attached microphones to listen to conversations and motion sensors.

Non-verbal communication

After the walk the participants were asked to complete a questionnaire, which all this time had volunteers who sat in the room. In the questionnaire participants were asked to describe impressions of the chosen it partner and to indicate their attitude to it. The researchers had expected a walk in the fresh air will help people quickly find a common language than sitting in the room. The experiment results proved that the expectations of scientists was justified.

Indeed, the participants in the experiment who were given the opportunity to take a walk together, echoed each other very well. In this case, those pairs who were allowed to communicate, appreciated interlocutor more than anyone else. It is noteworthy that this effect appeared to be most relevant for women than for men. Age also had a very important conversation in the open air contributed to a greater understanding of older people than the young.

Thanks to the motion sensors that were attached on volunteers, scientists have made another interesting discovery. It turned out that those people who have expressed to each other a lot of sympathy, while walking involuntarily synchronize their steps. So, next time while walking with a person of the opposite sex, unable to pay attention to his steps. If a man walks in the same rhythm as you, maybe he cares about you.