Long-lost fruit-trees were grown from 2000 year old seed

If you ever planted a plant, you probably know that seeds have a definite shelf life. The longer they are in packages without the case, the lower the probability that of them something will grow. However, Israeli scientists are already not the first year manage to grow a variety of trees from seeds that lay in the ancient ruins and caves for thousands of years. For example, recently a group of scientists headed by biologist Sara living room managed to grow extinct species of date palms from seed, whose age was more than 2000 years. You are already curious than the ancient dates differ from the modern?

About a new achievement of Israeli academics was described in the scientific journal Science Advances. Several hundred ancient date palm seed was found in caves located between the Judean hills and the Dead sea. It is believed that long ago, dates were an important food in many countries. They were widely used for the treatment of various diseases, as well as strengthening memory. Anyway, the fruits of the date palm was valued for its sweet taste comparable to honey.

What is the shelf life of seeds?

Of the hundreds of seeds found, researchers selected 34 bones, which seemed to them the most viable. One of them was left in reserve, and all the other thoroughly soaked in water with fertilizers, which, according to researchers, was to stimulate their growth. In the process of preparing one bone they hurt, so isolated from other plants in the area were only planted 32 seeds.

Eventually, biologists were able to successfully grow six trees. The researchers initially noticed that the dates of ancient bones are larger than bones of modern plants. Therefore, we can expect that the grown trees will soon give the same great results. If we are to believe historical records, thousands of years ago, the dates had a honey taste and was filled with buttery juice. So, at least in his writings, said the Roman writer Pliny the Elder.

Authors of research believe that the ancient seeds retained the ability to sprout due to dry conditions in Israel in which they dwelled for thousands of years. Perhaps, they were substances that increased the shelf life. If this is true, then scientists have the opportunity to develop technology that will allow you to create seeds with an unlimited shelf life.

It is worth noting that Millennium the seeds of date palms has really been a stranger to exposure. Scientists noticed that some of the trees grown belong to the female sex, and the seeds from which they grew, was clearly opylene male from different regions of our planet. This means that thousands of years ago people already knew how to cross different species of plants.