Is it possible to remember new information by associating it with the smell?

If you naturally have a great memory, you big luck. And all because people with a bad memory for memorizing information necessary to resort to various tricks. For example, in 2018 Australian scientists and designers developed a font Sans Forgeticathat helps people to remember better readable text. Some people remember new information by associating them with any objects. But can you keep in mind new information, associating it with all sorts of smells? It would be possible, for example, while studying to inhale the scent of certain perfumes and put them on your clothes during exams. Perhaps in this way could be faster to recall previously learned information?

Finding the answer to this question has engaged scientists from the German city of Freiburg. According to scientific journal Scientific Reports, they conducted a study involving 54 students aged 11-12 years. In front of all these children was quite a difficult task — to learn certain words from the English vocabulary and remember them through the week during the test work. The researchers asked them during preparation of the test and before going to bed to put next to an incense sticks with the scent of roses. According to them, associating read during the preparation of the words with that smell, children could better remember them. And the flavor when inhaled during sleep information could be secured in memory.

How to quickly memorize information?

The children were divided into three groups. Students from the first group put incense sticks on their desks in preparation for a test to work at home and during the actual test. The second group of children breathed in the scent of roses during home training and during sleep for the whole week, and on the test paper itself to bring incense was forbidden. The third group of children breathed in the floral scents in preparation for, during sleep, and even on the test work.

According to scientists, the scent of flowers helped the students to memorize English words at 30% better than when training without of scented sticks. They also stressed that the breathing used while training scents improves brain function within the test. Scientists explained this by the fact that associating certain skills with different smells, people can literally get the desired information from the memory when you re feeling flavor.

According to the head of research Jurgena of Kornmeier is suddenly and surprisingly, the sense of smell can so greatly improve a person’s memory. Scientists previously knew about it, but the assumption has been proven only in laboratory research. Now it became known that the method of memorizing information by means of Association with smells, and works in real conditions.