Is it possible to recognize depression in blood tests?

Depression is considered to be one of the most common mental illness, because according to statistics from it affects at least 264 million people of all ages. For a person in the doldrums characteristic lack of energy, unwillingness to do anything and loss of interest to everything. If time does not identify the problem and left untreated, depression can become the cause of death of the person. It is noteworthy that the sooner doctors find out about a person is prone to depression, the less problems the patient will experience in the future. But how to identify depression before the appearance of symptoms? Scientists believe that this can be done in the study of blood.

This, at least, said Japanese scientists, in his article published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. In his new work, a group of researchers led by Professor Yasuko Yamamoto relied on the fact that in the blood of people with depression contains many products are involved in metabolism. In particular, they had previously observed that depression is often accompanied by inflammatory processes, in which the amino acid tryptophan from food is converted into nicotinic acid. This releases Anthranilic acid, high content of which can be identified by taking a person’s blood.

The first symptoms of depression

To check whether it is possible to identify the development of depression before the onset of symptoms like depression and apathy, scientists conducted an experiment. They took blood from 61 patients who have undergone psychological tests and found that predisposed to the emergence of depressive disorders. To compare their tests, they also took blood samples from 51 healthy people. Maybe they had any diseases, but the depressive behavior was clearly alien to them.

To study the blood of participants of the experiment, the scientists used the method of liquid chromatography, in which mixtures of substances are separated for further study of the physico-chemical properties. As they expected, in the blood of people with a tendency to depression was indeed enhanced concentration of Anthranilic acid. Moreover, prone to depressive disorder women have discovered a reduced amount of tryptophan, the amino acid in depression is transformed into nicotinic acid any faster. Because of this concentration of Anthranilic acid in the blood and increases.

During additional research, the scientists also found that the more of Anthranilic acid contained in the human body, the more he begins to feel the symptoms of depression. In addition to the weakness and apathy, many patients may experience inflammation and even physical pain. The following conclusions were made based on the study of the blood in 33 of the study participants, which more than all others was exposed to more severe depressive States.