Is it possible to get a Chinese virus via sending with AliExpress

World covers mass hysteria about 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. Now write about it literally everything, including and we on our site. People don’t even remember his name, calling him just a “Chinese virus”, but I’m afraid with all my strength. Many do not even want to order a parcel from AliExpress. In fact, in some ways they are right. Now is really dangerous to make such orders. That’s just crept up this danger, as they say, from not waiting. However, people persist in asking whether it is possible to buy there covers, cables and other trifles, to which we are accustomed. Answer this question and provide arguments.

You can order on AliExpress?

Though above I wrote that “Alec”, you can order cables and covers, we all understand that the range of the goods presented on this site, is much broader. There is literally everything. For example, the other day I ran across a ready-made fireplace for a few hundred thousand.

In addition to the everyday things that everyone needs, a bought goods there, which help them to earn. This is especially true of artists who are engaged in repair something and order various consumables, as well as those who are accustomed to tinkering, in particular, and to order. Despite the large number of themed shops, a used to order supplies from China.

Someone buys headphones, smartphones, tools, home goods and more. That is why the question “is it Possible to order products on AliExpress” — sounds more and more. People are not willing to give up their habits or just can’t find in your city counterparts for normal money.

Dangerous virus when you order from AliExpress?

To answer this question, we must turn to science. First and foremost is to remember that in General such a virus. Let me remind you that it is a complex form of life, the objective of which is the introduction of that DNA into the cell of a living organism or plant. After that, the cell may either die or become a carrier of the virus or if the virus is defeated, he loses his power, will penetrate into the DNA of an organism and can be transmitted to other generations.

From the above it becomes clear that for the existence of the virus needs living tissue. From it he takes protein to support their activities and for reproduction. Without the proper environment, most viruses will not survive the day. In rare cases, the survival period may extend to several days. If the subject can find biological traces, like saliva, tissues of a living body or blood, the life time of the virus can still increase, but only slightly.

In addition, the “lifetime” of the virus may influence the temperature difference, humidity changes and exposure to chemicals, including those that comprise, for example, the packaging of the goods. As a rule, all it has on the virus, the damaging effects and reduces its life cycle.

From the above we can conclude that even in the best case, the virus survives outside of the nutrient medium is not more than a week. How often do you came to the parcel in less than a week? The conclusion is simple — order parcels from China are safe enough. At least, based on the known data. Perhaps the virus mutated, but so far things are exactly as I described. However, one “but” is still there.

Shipping time from AliExpress during the epidemic?

Despite its apparent safety, it is not necessary to be the optimist and it is understood that the ordering of goods is now you do at your own risk. The probability of transmission of the virus is still there, though very small. It may be worth while to delay shopping.

In addition, there is one unpleasant feature in the orders that you make now. Because of the imposed safety measures, labor shortages in China, and many other factors, the period of delivery can greatly increase. Possibly even up to several months.

There are even cases where Chinese sellers are requested to cancel the orders made at the end of January, as it cannot guarantee delivery in time. The seller is an unnecessary expense and headache of disputes and claims, that it will fall.

The delay of the product I can confirm personally. In the first half of December I ordered a few accessories for the photo that was supposed to come in early Jan and a month hanging in the status “arrived in destination country”. Can long to guess, is it related to current events or not, but the fact remains. Moreover, they crossed the border after the first case of infection.

How to protect yourself from the virus?

If you want to order something from the Chinese sites, but I’m afraid that along with a package will come to you virus, can take some safety measures. For example, to process the parcel antiseptic, thus carry out the procedure in rubber gloves and a mask. So you will be able to remove the virus, if it still will reach your post office.

To protect oneself by all means has already been described in our article. In a nutshell, you need to wash your hands, avoid places of a mass congestion of people and to monitor their health. In order not to spread the virus, the first signs of the disease have to sit at home and be treated. And most importantly, not to use antibiotics to fight viral diseases. They make it worse, as it does not cause any harm viruses, but Deplete the body and kill those who can help in the fight against the causative agent of SARS.

Whether to order on AliExpress?

The opinion I will not impose on anyone, but if you are reading these lines, then to Express it I have the right. I would not now order anything from the Chinese sites. Still a risk, though slight, but there. But the most important thing is the long wait, the risk of collision which is significantly higher risk of getting sick.