In the New Zealand police will be the first virtual employee. What does he have?

Today, companies that provide any services, do not need to hire staff, help clients find information of interest or to place an order. For that virtual assistants who ask leading questions, and gradually solve the problem. Such assistants you must have seen in online stores and the websites of various companies. What can I say, right now you can take your smartphone and ask a question of a voice assistant or Google Alice from Yandex — they will immediately find the answer on the Internet. About this helper 17 February will appear in one of police stations of New Zealand and to welcome visitors, help in the preparation of documents and supporting emergency numbers. Some people are hardly surprised by such innovation, but this assistant has a number of interesting features.

Virtual employee of the new Zealand police told the publication The Next Web. The assistant will be displayed on a special screen installed in the lobby of the national headquarters of the police. It is a female character named Ella that can talk to the visitors of the police station with the help of a trained artificial intelligence. First, she will be able to perform only a basic set of functions like greeting and assistance in obtaining permits. But if within three months Ella will prove its use, its capabilities will be expanded.

Virtual COP with artificial intelligence

In the words of police Commissioner Mike Bush at the initial stage of artificial intelligence will be tested for effectiveness in helping visitors. If the police will be convinced of its benefits, is responsible for its operation artificial intelligence will be trained for other tasks. It is hoped that, with her help, work on incoming tasks will be much faster and the site will not need to hire new employees.

The most interesting fact about the police assistant, Ella is the fact that the animation of her face and tone of voice created company Soul Machines. Its founder is mark Sagar (Sagar Mark), which previously was listed at Sony Pictures Imageworks and was involved in animating digital characters in such films as “Avatar,” “king Kong” and “Man-spider”. To look at the quality created by his company digital characters on the video below.

Probably, it is already clear that virtual COP is not intended to patrol the cities. Most likely, in the future it will be embedded in devices of Police Connect, which gradually set on the streets of New Zealand. They are designed to ensure that people at any time could contact police to resolve any problems.