How to take a selfie in space?

Stay in the vacuum of space in orbit of the planet entails many potential hazards that can kill even the most cautious of the astronaut. However, some of them not inferior to their terrestrial habits, even in such an unpredictable place as the space. So, NASA astronaut Christine Koch managed to make one of a kind selfie on the background of the infinite Universe, while outside the International Space Station, according to the British portal

Is it possible to do a selfie in space?

Christine Koh is the first female astronaut, set the record duration stay on the International space station (ISS). After a total of 328 days aboard the station, Koch walked around the Earth more than 5,200 times. During the flight, Koch also took part in the first all-female spacewalk together with NASA astronaut Jessica Meir. Then the astronauts were sent outside the ISS to fix a broken charger on a space ship.

It is known that the ship Koh was launched to the ISS in March 2019, and since then spent 11 months in Earth orbit at anof about 400 kilometers. After landing an astronaut on the Ground, 328-day stay Christina Koch will become the second-longest single space flight American astronaut. The record duration single spaceflight belongs to a retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent aboard the ISS 340 days from 2015 to 2016.

On Board the ISS Christina Koch participated in more than 210 scientific research, providing valuable data to implement long-term plans of NASA to study man in the moon in the framework of Artemis. Many of these studies were aimed at studying the effects of long-term space flights on the human body, taking into account the factors of weightlessness, of long-term isolation from the outside world, radiation, and stress. Among the most notable experiments in which Koch was involved in the course of his mission, was to study the effects of space flight on bones of the spine.

In addition to participating in a large number of research, Koch has also made a lot of exciting images of the Earth and what is happening in it with the ISS. One of them was the ‘selfie’ on earth’s orbit, instantly became viral among Internet users. Anyway, few people know that the author of the first “space selfie” belongs to the famous buzz Aldrin, who, during his flight on the spacecraft in 1966, not only set a record for the duration of being in open space, but managed to make a historic one for all humanity “selfie”.

In order to realize the idea of creating a professional space photos in reality, the main space Agency of the planet ordered 53 unmodified SLR camera Nikon with a special protective housing allows the equipment to operate in low gravity and extreme temperatures. It is also known that prior to this, NASA used cameras, the Swedish manufacturer “Hasselblad”, which at the time was lucky enough to become the official supplier of such equipment for the well-known program “Apollo”.