Found the first asymptomatic carrier of the coronavirus

Now for a little over a month we hear in all the media about the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak which was identified in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Along with the increasing international publicity, this virus increases the concern among the population of many countries because it has already spread around the world. The medical community is alarmed because of the daily changing epidemiological pattern and the new features of the virus, in particular, we are talking about the mode of transmission. So, experts suggest that the virus can be transmitted even during the incubation period.

Coronavirus outside of China

According to information provided by the world Health Organization, the virus 2019-nCoV has gone beyond the boundaries of the Chinese state and spread through the territories of 23 countries with a total of 151 cases of infection with coronavirus infection.

According to an article published in the journal The New England Journal of medicine, the medical community suggest that coronavirus infection can be transmitted from person to person even at a time when none of the symptoms of ill not apparent. This period in medicine is called latent. Currently, it is known that the incubation period which begins with the ingestion of the virus and ends with the manifestation of the first symptoms coronavirus infection can reach from 1 to 14 days.

Several chronological placed cases give scientists can assume that the latent period in virus infection is much shorter than incubation, which may indicate the existence of asymptomatic forms of the disease. So, a similar case happened in Germany, where one of the German businessmen went to doctors with symptoms of sore throat, headache and chills. The next day he had cough and temperature has risen to the level of 39 degrees Celsius, but the next day he was discharged from the hospital and he was able to go to work. As it turned out, the businessman had a meeting with a business partner from Shanghai, who came to Germany without any symptoms of the coronavirus infection, but on his return to China he was detected positive for 2019-nCov.

For security purposes, the man directed on carrying out of additional tests in Munich, the results of which have revealed positive for coronavirus infection. German specialists had to conduct additional screening of people who could have contact with the ill man. It turned out that these people were members of his company, three of which were diagnosed with the disease with a special PCR test. It is important to note that so far none of them manifested serious clinical symptoms.

Thus, the researchers suggest that infection could be transmitted during the incubation period of the person from whom the disease proceeded easily and not specific. This conclusion can have a significant impact on the spread of the virus, as people with asymptomatic forms of disease are able to be carriers of coronavirus infection.