Found the best way to save water while taking a shower

Every person is extremely important to observe personal hygiene, because of being constantly dirty, you can catch a dangerous infectious disease. Commendable, if you develop the habit of daily walk-in shower, but many people stay there for hours. You must agree, under the streams of warm water and I want to dream about her, or sing a couple of favorite songs? But at this time spent a huge amount of water, which at the end of the month will have to pay a few thousand rubles. Besides, scientists believe that a long stay in the soul indirectly harm the environment because it consumes water supplies. However, recently researchers found how you can reduce the amount held in the soul of time and thus save on the water.

If you believe the results of a small study published in the scientific journal ScienceAlertperson spends less time in the shower, if the bathroom is worth a watch. Looking at them people can soberly assess in the shower time, and come out of it much faster than usual. While satisfaction with the time it remains at the same level. This, at least, according to data collected by the sensors installed in several educational institutions and hotels in the UK.

How to save water?

The aforementioned sensors are manufactured by the company Aguardio and are mounted in the showers. When a person turns the water on, on the device screen displayed a timer that shows the exact time, which is held in the shower. According to the creators, being aware of how many minutes they spend in the shower, people spend it in less time. And this is true, because statistics, is equipped with sensors Aguardio booths, people spend 20-30% less time than normal. On average, people came out of the shower two minutes earlier.

The same effect can be achieved without the purchase of special sensors. Simply put in the bathroom watch or turn on the smartphone stopwatch, subsequently placing it in a prominent place. According to the ecologist Catriona Shannon, this simple way you can change your habit of long to disappear in the shower and save money. In addition, therefore, it is possible to contribute in preserving the environment.

Scientists compare the harm from the habit of long showers with the way people use plastic bags and fly planes. It is known that plastic waste is a long time to decompose in the soil and is literally poisoning our planet. And the planes release into the air harmful substances, which raises the greenhouse effect, leading to a gradual increase in temperature of the Earth. Of course, the damage from this is not as strong as from garbage and greenhouse gases, but waste water is also greatly harm the environment.