Found a way to avoid loss of hearing after exposure to loud sounds

If you believe the statistics, today in the world there are hundreds of millions of people with hearing impairments. Most of them are hard of hearing since childhood, but recently scientists from the American state of Oregon made a discoverythat helps to reduce the number of congenital problems with hearing. But what about people who have lost the ability to hear well due to frequent exposure to loud noise? American biologists recently found out the exact cause of age-related deafness and to develop a drug that protects against hearing loss, even perfectly healthy people. In fact, the scientists were able to create a “chemical headphones” that don’t muffle loud noises, but at the same time protect from their harmful effects.

Developed by American scientists medicine been described in the scientific journal PNAS. To explain exactly how they created a means protects against the development of deafness, the researchers explained as the work of human hearing. According to them, when the hair cells inside your ear pick up sound waves, they produce a substance called glutamate. This chemical compound enters the cells with nerve endings, which subsequently transmit sound signals to the brain.

What a bad rumor?

Researchers had originally been known that when exposed to loud noise in humans, the development of glutamate is significantly increased. Because of this, cells with nerve endings is strongly violated, which leads to a reduction of hearing acuity.

However, in the new research, the scientists also found that some involved in the transfer of sound signals to the brain cells lack the protein known as GluA2. As it turned out, deprived of this organic substance receptors allow calcium ions to enter the inner ear and cause damage. Learning of this, the researchers created a substance to block protein devoid of GluA2 receptors, which was supposed to prevent hearing loss.

In laboratory tests on mice revealed that the drug really does not allow calcium ions to disrupt the inner ear. With all this healthy cells with the presence of GluA2 protein is still an excellent job with the transmission of sound signals to the brain. It turns out that due to the elaborated substance in the near future people will be able very calmly to listen to loud noise without fear of hearing damage.

Only here before the release of such medicine on sale scientists have done a lot of work. First, they need to test the substance on humans, because in our body it can act completely different. Secondly, at the moment the substance is injected into the ear through a serious surgery, so researchers would create drug in the form of drops.