For communications with Earth, Martian colonists will use the laser

As you know, an ambitious program of NASA sending the first astronauts to Mars will begin in the middle of 2030-ies. The beginning of this Grand interplanetary events can serve as building huge plates in California, with which the astronauts can communicate with Earth. The device, called the Deep Space Network is intended to provide convenient communication opportunities for communication of astronauts with ground specialists, according to the portal In order to implement this idea in real life, NASA intends to use powerful lasers.

How to reach Mars?

Mars is the fourth planet in the Solar system farthest from the Sun, which is also one of the closest to Earth objects after the moon and Venus. For many hundreds of years this planet attracted attention of astronomers, who believed that Mars may be the most desired place that, like Earth, is able to boast the presence of life. The desire to unravel the mysteries of the red planet and the Universe in General, has led the mankind to the creation of satellites, telescopes, the latest satellites and interplanetary missions to study not only the planets of the Solar system but also far beyond its limits of objects.

For decades, NASA basically used old-fashioned radio waves to communicate with their astronauts and spacecraft. However, when people make their first steps on the surface distant and yet unfriendly to the human world, they certainly require a more reliable and rapid means of communication with Earth. In order for you and your eyes were able to see the historical moments of the formation of man truly interplanetary species, NASA intends to install high-speed connection to the red planet with a powerful laser. So, Suzanne Dodd, Director of the forthcoming programme, argues that the successful use of lasers can increase the data transmission speed from Mars is about 10 times compared with the speed of information transmission using radio waves.