Environmentalists have warned about the possible disappearance of the fireflies

In the beginning of 2020 scientists have shared the very sad news that in the world there is not a single fish belonging to the Chinese Belonosov. Unfortunately, because of the fishing, hunting, deforestation and other human actions in the world kills more living creatures. More recently it became known that under the threat of extinction was even fireflies, which is known for its ability to glow in the dark. It is noteworthy that we are talking not about the entire family of insects, in which there are about 2040 species. Complete extinction only threatens a few species, but this does not mean that the issue occurred you can close your eyes. But what can so seriously interfere with the lives of these glowing bugs?

The answer to this question was published in the scientific journal Bioscience. According to scientists from the us state of Massachusetts, some Firefly species may become extinct due to loss of habitat, use of chemicals against insects and artificial lighting of the streets. About 2000 species which live mainly in swamps, meadows, forests, and city parks, death in the near future is not threatened. But certain types are under clear threat of extinction.

Deforestation reduces the insect population

To insects that are dying due to the loss of habitat, are the fireflies of the Pteroptyx tener species. They live in mangrove forests of Australia, which at the moment are losing their space due to felling of trees. And all because of the fact that local people need more space to build palm oil plantations and farms for rearing fish.

Also from the loss of familiar habitat conditions suffer from a common glow worm (Lampyris noctiluca). They are widely distributed in Europe and Asia, but in some places they also greatly interfere with people. Since females of this species of fireflies can’t fly, they can’t just move to another habitat. Therefore, scientists believe that sooner or later their numbers greatly reduced.

The harm of light pollution

The results of some scientific studies state that 23% of our planet’s surface lit by street lights. What can I say — if you look at satellite photos of the Earth becomes clear that she literally shines in different lights. The so-called light pollution not only violates human sleep, but interferes with the fireflies to breed.

According to one of the study’s authors avalon Owens, due to the fact that fireflies are attracted to partners with their ability to glow. As cities and so will glow different lights, often individuals simply can not find each other. All this leads to the fact that gradually, the population of some species of fireflies begins to fade. This saved only the insects that live in dark forests and swamps.

The safe chemicals kill insects

The researchers also noted that some species of fireflies are dying EN masse because of pesticides, designed to kill various insects. As a rule, they are used to eliminate pests in the fields and orchards. Special harm from pesticides get larvae of fireflies, which are under the earth, on the surface which gets the most hazardous chemicals. But fireflies are not harmful to insects, but rather help to deal with slugs and other pests.