Does melody alarm on human health in the morning?

A couple of decades ago, back in the early 2000’s, we were awakened under unpleasant beeping or ringing alarm. Today, the clock is embedded in even the cheapest smartphone and we have the ability to set the ringtone that will Wake us up in the early morning. Some people prefer to Wake up with a quiet song, but fans to sleep often try to cheer up, listening to the loud and energetic music. But how exactly calm and energetic composition affect our emotional and physical state in the morning? Finding the answer to this question has engaged scientists from the Australian city of Melbourne.

The results of their study were published in the scientific journal Plos One. In scientific work, researchers examined data on 50 volunteers who in the questionnaire indicated what melody comes on their clock. They also mentioned how much they feel confusion and anxiety upon awakening. Generally feeling unwell in the morning is typical for many people, because for several minutes the person is in the so-called sleep inertia. In this state the person is in between sleep and Wake and may experience difficulties with thinking and coordination of movements.

Best ringtone for alarm

The survey showed that people who Wake up under relatively relaxed music, experiencing fewer symptoms of sleep inertia. As an example of good music for alarm, the scientists led the song “Good Vibrations” performed by the Beach Boys. At the same time, volunteers who prefer to Wake up to the energetic music, woke up much heavier. The reason for this may be that sharp sounds can startle a sleeping person and temporarily disrupt his brain. Calm melody, in turn, allows you to Wake up more smoothly.

The researchers noted that the loudness and duration of a musical composition on the condition of the people has virtually no effect. According to one of the authors of the scientific works of Stewart MacFarlane, they have to conduct a more thorough investigation, during which it is important to identify the best combination of notes and rhythm tunes for the alarm. This is extremely important, because if the person is the morning feels bad, he often can not go to a working condition for almost four hours.

The researchers stressed that the results of their research is especially important for people who need to be alert immediately after waking up. For example, such people include employees of the rescue services and the police, which can suddenly Wake up and come to work. It is the representatives of these professions are now recommended to put on the alarm clock more mellow tunes.