Do those who like cosmetics most children born with obesity

Scientists have long known that the use of women during pregnancy products can affect the health of the child. For example, during gestation it is not recommended to consume coffee, because in some cases he might be so harmful that it can lead to miscarriage. But did you know that to harm the baby can even some beauty products? For example, contained in cosmetic preservatives parabens can affect women’s sex hormones and can affect the baby’s health. German scientists recently conducted a study which found that cosmetics with parabens increases the risk of development of obesity. But how do they know?

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Nature Communications. About the potential harm used in cosmetic products the parabens scientists were already aware of previously. In particular, several studies have found a relationship between the use of parabens-containing means with the development of breast cancer. But researchers also began to wonder — can these preservatives somehow can affect the health of the kids?

The danger of cosmetics during pregnancy

To find out, researchers studied data collected during the cohort study involving 629 pairs of women and children. By about 34 weeks of gestation women completed a questionnaire in which they indicated which cosmetic products they had to use a during gestation and passed urine tests. In the future, researchers monitored the body weight of their children after birth and in subsequent years of life.

It turned out that organisms regularly use cosmetics with parabens women contains other preservatives like butylparaben. The children of these mothers for eight years suffered from overweight. It is noteworthy that obesity was more likely girls, but not boys. Women who did not use cosmetics during pregnancy, the children did not suffer from such problems.

For the purity of the results of the study, scientists conducted an experiment on mice. The organisms of pregnant females was introduced the same concentration of butylparaben, which was detected in mothers of children with obesity. As expected, the research, babies exposed to preservatives mice also appeared fatter than the little rodents in the control group. Moreover, the researchers noticed that the mice eat more, due to which it has been suggested that the preservatives in some way affect their appetite.

The results of the study were analyzed by employee new York medical complex, mount Sinai hospital, Dr. eve Tanner. She came to the conclusion that cosmetics can really affect the development of children. Therefore, in order to avoid problems, she advised mothers to refrain from using cosmetics during pregnancy. At least women better to abandon the funds with the content of parabens.