Cigarettes emit harmful substances even after extinguishing

Thanks to the warnings on TV and on cigarette packs with images of terrible diseases we already know about the dangers of Smoking. This habit is very common and in most cases leads to cancer, diseases of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. But did you know that cigarettes are harmful not only to human health but also the environment? For example, in 2019, scientists from the English city of Cambridge found that thrown to the ground cigarette butts greatly slow plant growth. Now it became known that cigarettes release into the air harmful substances, even after stewing. But what about the substances in question and what they mean?

About the dangers of cigarettes to the environment was discussed in the scientific journal Science of the Total Environment. If you believe the published article, and that cigarettes release into the air eight chemicals, of which four are considered dangerous to humans and nature. According to observations by employees of the Department for supervision over food and drug administration (FDA), the selection of nicotine and triacetin into the air stops just five days later, after extinguishing the cigarette.

How do cigarettes harm the environment?

A measurement of the amount of harmful emissions into the air from the extinguished cigarette has engaged researchers from the National Institute of standards and technology (NIST). According to the engineer-ecologist Dustin Poppendieck (Dustin Poppendieck), the property of cigarettes to highlight the threat to the health of the connection can be even more destructive when Smoking indoors. For example, having the habit of leaving cigarette butts in the ashtray, a lot of people can literally saturate your house with harmful substances.

To find out how many chemical compounds appearing in the closed space from smoked cigarettes, the researchers conducted a laboratory experiment. It was the fact that the researchers have put 2100 of cigarettes smoked inside the box of stainless steel and five days later assessed the concentration in it of harmful substances. Of course, they did not own to smoke cigarettes, and gave it a special robot that can do six puffs, simulating Smoking a real person.

Ultimately, the research came to the conclusion that extinguished cigarettes release into the air of so many harmful substances that harm them comparable to regular passive Smoking. It is noteworthy that at high temperatures the emission of harmful substances is much more intense, so leaving full ashtrays in the hot room — this is obviously a very bad decision.

You may think that not Smoking in the car in front of the children you cherish their health. But if the cabin is ashtray with extinguished cigarette, the harmful effects on the surrounding is still, noted the researchers.