Can two different predator to help one another in hunting?

Unfortunately, at the moment, and 2020 is not indulge us good news. Today the attention of most people looking at spreading over the planet, 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, which has already killed hundreds of people. But sometimes the bad news can be useful to distract and recently a scientific publication Science Alert gave us a good reason for this. It is logical to assume that different types of predators that prey on the same prey, trying to prevent each other and fight among themselves. But did you know that some of them know how to work together and get the most benefits? Caught in footage from surveillance cameras, the coyote and badger is a great proof.

It originally appeared on Twitter and immediately became viral. It was filmed on a hidden camera placed near one of the highways of California. Using it the animal watch how wild animals crossing the road. They do not fall under the car, under the highway left special tunnels through which animals can safely cross to the other side of the roadway. Some of them, like caught in footage of a badger, can’t see this way, but fortunately, some of the animals help them in this.

How animals help each other?

Clearly seen in the video, the coyote first tries to attract the attention of the badger, jumping on the spot. He clearly wants to show him a safe way to overcome the road, but small fish are not immediately understood. In the end, the coyote could show my friend the entrance to the tunnel and together they rush to the other side of the road.

In General, the friendship between coyotes and badgers is not uncommon. The fact that they have almost the same diet and they often prey on gophers. They often help each other in situations where one of the predators cannot catch the prey. For example, badgers can easily get the rodents out of the ground, which can not make the coyotes. But the wild members of the canine can attack fast running animals that the badgers simply can not afford.

So, thanks to mutual support, coyotes and badgers always manage to stay satisfied. According to a study published in the scientific journal Jstor, in 90% of cases, the predators hunt for two, consisting of one coyote and one badger. But sometimes in nature there are rare occasions where one badger helps to catch the prey from two or three coyotes. According to scientists, thanks to mutual support predators produce by 34% more prey than solitary hunting.

As a rule, two predators hunt together only in the warm time of the year. In the colder months, the coyotes only hunt alone because their friends hibernate in winter. Their hibernation usually begins in October and ends in April. In some cases, when the winter give warm, hibernation takes much less time.