As the microbes living in your skin can tell about your age?

Your skin can reveal your age even without the presence of wrinkles on it. To such conclusion scientists from University of California San Diego, which determined that the profile of microbes on your skin can predict your chronological age to within a few years. It is well known that our bodies are covered with a large number of microorganisms, among which stand out most bacteria, fungi and viruses, collectively make up the human microbiome. Changing age profile of microorganisms can help in the creation of a predictive tool based on machine learning, claims portal What can be useful this method of determining age? Let’s try to understand together in this article.

Bacteria on the body can show your age

The human microbiome consists of trillions of single-celled life forms, which apparently surpass their number is even the total number of human cells in the body. Microbes inhabit the skin, mouth, nasal and pulmonary passages, intestinal tracts and other places of the human body (especially “pleasant” it may seem so-called misophobia). Anyway, the types and kinds of microbes differ from each other depending on the “chosen” of the human body. Being in a kind of symbiosis with microorganisms, our body gets a kind of support against the invasion of harmful bacteria. Thus, the microbiome of the skin forms a special protective layer against the penetration of viruses in cells of the human body, the microbiome of the intestine allows the body to easily digest food and absorb the most vitamins and minerals, and the microbiome of the lung is actively fighting the manifestation of respiratory diseases. In the case that a well established symbiotic relationship inside the body start for some reason go awry, a person may begin to develop a number of dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and even cancer. In other words, our health depends on the processes occurring within colonies of organisms, symbionts that live on our body.

In the new study aimed to study the microbiomes of the skin, mouth and intestines, the researchers analyzed the microorganisms in order to understand what types may be the best indicators of the age of their donors. The obtained skin samples gave the most accurate prediction of age, and their margin of error was about 4 years old (for comparison: the oral samples showed an error of 4.5 years, while intestinal samples showed 11.5 years).

One of the reasons that microbesliving on our skin, consistently changing your composition, there may be predictable changes in the physiology of the skin in different ages. These include a decrease in the production of natural oils, increasing dryness and a gradual decrease in the percentage of moisture.