Virtual reality 2020 — zombies, travel and medicine

What do you think of when it comes to virtual reality? Probably each of us before the eyes pop up all kinds of futuristic images that have nothing to do with our everyday life. However, the reality is not so far from fiction as we might think. Right before our eyes is born a new technology, and then dreamed about science fiction is gradually becoming a reality. Today, medicine, tourism, culture and the entertainment industry are the sectors, which most actively introducing innovative technology. This will allow us to obtain valuable life experience that we could not even imagine.

The entertainment industry

The entertainment industry, as usual, eager to meet the desires of consumers. And the consumer today, if you haven’t noticed, loves zombies. Movies, TV shows and games about the undead, hungry for human flesh surprise is that our grandmothers and grandfathers. In 2020 it will be possible to immerse yourself in a world that captured zombies. Recently, the company Zero Latency has released the second generation of the VR system, but through cooperation with HP and Microsoft, the company managed to achieve the most realistic pictures.

However, the most enjoyable for the players will be able to survive in this strange world in the company of their friends (up to 8 people). Fans of the genre will definitely enjoy.


The one area in which the introduction of virtual reality technology allows you to maintain health. Today developed many VR rehabilitation programmes for patients who have had a stroke or suffer from Parkinson’s disease. The programs allow patients to perform the same tasks they could perform in a specialized medical institution without leaving home. Similar technologies are also used in scientific and clinical research. So, the doctors of the American heart Association (AHA) with the help of virtual reality technology can be practiced before to help patients.

Travel and culture

In virtual reality emotions of the travelers is completely changed. The fact that this technology to plan travel will become a lot easier. As example, the hotel company Marriot — so guests can choose their next destination with the help of VR, without having to pack or to buy tickets. Thus, guests have the opportunity to stroll along the Hawaiian beach, or enjoy the views of tower bridge in London.

A great number of museums today enjoys virtual tours. Introduction technology now allows everyone to be on a full tour of the Museum or gallery without leaving the couch. Especially successful was the virtual tour with music.