What will the company SpaceX in 2020?

American entrepreneur Elon Musk started the company SpaceX back in 2002 with the purpose of space exploration and colonization of Mars. However, for almost 18 years of existence of the organization, on the red planet still has not appeared colonizers. Moreover, at the moment SpaceX is still not even boasts successful delivery of astronauts on Board the International space station, because in 2019, she was able to deliver to the ISS only unmanned spacecraft. But, according to Elon musk, in 2020, everything will change. In the framework of the mission space SpaceX Demo 2 the company will finally make a manned flight to the ISS and from that point, the United States at least get rid of the need to send its astronauts on Russian rockets-carriers “Union”.

A frame from a video published by SpaceX

How about will be the first manned flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS, told the American edition of Business Insider. Citing published on the YouTube channel the SpaceX video, the journalists shared that the first passengers of the ship will become astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. The video clip shows how the two pilots climb aboard the Crew Dragon at Cape Canaveral in Florida and with the help of rocket Falcon 9 will fly on a 400-kilometerat which the international space station.

The first flight on the spacecraft Crew Dragon

According to reports, Elon musk on Twitter, the upcoming event very inspiring. The first flight spacecraft Crew Dragon to the International space station, and successful docking happened in March of 2019, within the framework of a space mission Demo-1. It was then that it became clear that SpaceX will be able to deliver American astronauts to the station without help from Russia.

The docking of SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft with the International space station

The former Plenipotentiary representative of the RF President Sergey Tsyplyaev already called Elon musk a big threat to the Russian economy. According to him, if Russia had previously been carried out to 50% of commercial launches in the future, we risk to run only 20-25% of the orders. Due to the relatively cheap and reusable rocket company SpaceX will eventually be able to leave Russia only 10% of orders, which will undoubtedly affect the country’s economy.

The spacecraft CST-100 Cockpit

It is worth Recalling that the mission Crew Dragon Demo-2 will be performed under the NASA program called Commercial Crew Program. Its purpose is to resume deliveries of goods and passengers to the International space station on American rockets local space centers. This programme also involved the Boeing Corporation with his spaceship CST-100 Cockpit. At the end of 2019 took its test flight to the space station, docked to it but he couldn’t.

Given the technical problems of Boeing Corporation, you can assume that the SpaceX Crew Dragon will be the first American craft to carry astronauts to the International space station over the last decade. Unfortunately, the date for a manned mission Demo-2 is still kept secret. But we know that already in early January, SpaceX will test launch of the ship.