Chinese lunar Rover gave the new photos of the back side of the moon

A year has already passed since then, as the Chinese lander Chang’e 4 lunar Rover Yutu and the 2 landed on the far side of the moon. All this time they studied the crater in the Background of his Pocket and shared the results of his discoveries through the only source of communication in the form of a repeater satellite Queqiao transmitting signals to Earth. In the framework of the research mission, Chang’e and his colleague shared photos of that part of the lunar surface that is hidden from the observer because the gravitational grip of the Earth.

Looks like the reverse side of the moon?

The mysterious companion of the Earth in the vast space is beginning to reveal its unexplored side. According to an article published on the portal sciencealert.comthe Chinese program of research of the moon have just released a batch of high-resolution photos from the landing of Chang’e 4 camera and panoramic camera Yutu 2. Pictures were taken in a period of 12 lunar days, each of which corresponds to approximately 29 earth. During the long lunar day, the mission is in permanent sunlight, needed for operations when using solar energy. After the working cycle the appliances off for a two-week night, and half of the earth’s satellite plunges into the darkness.

Throughout the year the Rover was moving along the winding path through the 180-km crater background Pocket that is part of the Aitken basin, whose size in diameter constitute more than a quarter of the moon. A huge amount of data obtained as a result of the mission, could shed light not only on the history of the satellite and the causes of the mysterious shock the pool, but answer is still unexplored issues regarding the evolution of the Solar system as a whole.