Bacteria can come together and create patterns in the form of flowers

Microscopic bacteria were the first living creatures that inhabited the Earth, and at the moment they are essential for our healthy life. We can’t see them, but millions of them live on the surface and inside the human body, as well as in the air and on all objects with which we interact. Looking at them under the microscope, many people may be disgusted, but some groups of scientists eager to show us the beauty of the bacterial world. For example, the authors of the project Bacterial Art paint with germs amazing drawings, which can be found on their official website. Recently, scientists from the us state of California was fortunate enough to see bacteria form patterns, like a beautifully blooming flower buds. But how is this possible?

An unusual phenomenon was described in a scientific journal called eLife Sciences. Scientists from the Californian city of San Diego notice how the bacteria form an extremely beautiful patterns quite by accident. During one of the scientific works, connected with creation of drawings of microbes, they were placed in a Petri dish of coliform bacteria (Escherichia coli) and the so-called acidobacteria (Acinetobacter baylyi). A day after the mixing of the microbes they saw that they formed a beautiful floral pattern.

How to grow bacteria?

It is known that coliform bacteria grow slowly and eventually form unsightly clumps. Actinobacteria, in turn, move quickly and can cover a Petri dish in just 24 hours. Rapid moving speed of acidobacteria is because they have tiny bristles, which play the role of a legs. Coliform bacteria such vehicles do not have, so moving many times slower.

According to Liyana Biophysics of Xiong see the unusual interaction of two different bacteria, he began to wonder what caused the formation of beautiful patterns. In the course of the observations he and his colleagues found that by mixing within the Petri dishes, coliform bacteria literally cover the surface of acidobacteria and does not allow them to move as usual. Some limits of growth the fast moving bacteria are blocked, resulting in and formed unusual patterns.

According to researchers, this phenomenon can be observed when mixing any bacteria. Importantly, one species grew slowly, and the second much faster. Due to this discovery, the authors of the projects like Bacterial Art will be able to create more interesting drawings from germs. But the observations of scientists can be useful in medicine.

The fact that the implants like pacemakers and catheters inside human body can get dangerous microorganisms and begin to multiply rapidly. Now medical professionals have the ability to create technology, which implies a mixture of two different types of bacteria. Because adding inactive microbes into the environment with active organisms, they can slow their spread.