As the color of our clothes affects the behavior of animals?

Human activity directly affects the behavior and health of wild animals. For example, in 2018, scientists have conducted a fairly extensive survey and found that due to people running construction and agricultural activities, some animals began to predominantly nocturnal. However, the new research, conducted by scientists from the U.S. state of new York, proved that the wild are capable of creating over-react even to the color of human clothing. It turns out that walking through the woods you can so affect the behavior of some animals that they can run to you and put his or your life at risk.

Conducted by American scientists on the study and its results were described in the scientific publication called Science Daily. To find out if animals change their behavior at the sight of certain colours, scientists led by Professor of biological Sciences Lindsay Swerc went to covered tropical forests of Costa Rica. They began to study every kind of animal, and concentrated on the reactions of the so-called water anoles (Anolis aquaticus). The choice fell on these lizards because they rarely encounter people. And for purity of experiment the scientists was important to the studied animals were not accustomed to people.

How animals react to color?

The study was conducted in a quite straightforward way. Each participated in scientific work people put on t-shirts orange, green or blue. According to scientists, the lizards had to respond to these colors because they are well familiar with. Orange shade is used mainly to attract females, blue color found on the body of almost every species, and the green blends with the forest in which they live.

Wearing the colorful clothes, the three scientists walked through the forest land of Costa Rica. Along the way, each of them followed, how often on their way across the water anoles. As they expected, in the way of people in orange and blue shirts rare animals most frequently encountered. According to researchers, this is because lizards are less afraid of colors that exist on their body. Green, reminiscent of the forest vegetation, lizards were attracted not so much. Perhaps they simply saw no reason to run to the color, which surrounds them everywhere.

In theory, putting on bright clothing in the forest, people are so much changing the behavior of animalsthat can endanger it. Imagine some sort of insect pay attention to your t-shirt and walked out of the shadows completely forgetting that you were hiding from the birds. In the end he was eaten, and the culprit for this can be considered human if it were less noticeable, the insect would remain alive.