Whether noise is an environmental contaminant?

Almost every day we write about the terrible effects of pollution of nature by human hands. All this is because lately on this issue really need to pay more attention. We have recently found that dirty air, in addition to adults, slowly killing every child on the planet. We also wrote what may result in pollution located in the Pacific ocean of the Mariana trench. But did you know that the noise of cars and planes is also an environmental contaminant? This was recently reminded researchers from Queens University, located in the British city of Belfast.

The noise of cars harm certainly harm animals and even people

A group of scientists examined and combined the results of several scientific papers on the effects of the published human noise on animals. In published in the scientific journal Biology Letters article they declared that the noise obviously affects the lives of many mammals, amphibians, arthropods animals, and also affect insects and birds. The term “noise” scientists understand the loud sounds of vehicles like cars, planes and ships.

How noise affects animals?

As an example, scientists led floating on the seas and oceans ships and the impact of their sound on whales. According to the authors of scientific work, water transport sometimes so much noise that suppresses the whales singing. And repetitive and melodic “songs” the animals needed to message each other routes. Due to poor audibility of some whales cease to Orient in space and eventually beaching.

Whale, beached on the shore of the Tatar Strait in the southern part of Sakhalin island

But the researchers note that published by human activities noise definitely cannot be called “bad” or “good.” The fact is that recently scientists have found that the crickets of the species Gryllus lineaticeps use the noise as a disguise from parasitic flies, which lay their bodies larvae. Due to the loud sounds of cars, the male crickets are able to attract females by their chirping, without fear of being detected parasites.

The cricket species Gryllus lineaticeps

But we should not ignore the fact that urban noise may be affected by other insects. Some of them feel the approach of predators due to its ear, but the roar of transportation, they may not notice the enemy and become easy targets.

In the end, the researchers declared that the authorities should seriously address the issue of noise pollution of the environment.

Noise must be considered a serious cause of environmental change and pollution because of loud noises affect both aquatic and terrestrial species, — explained the researchers.

Don’t forget that noise negatively affects our health. For example, the hum of cars and planes may hinder night sleep. Due to lack of sleep in humans can cause headaches and other health problems.