What is the difference between microbes in the bodies of rich and poor people?

Now on the surface of your skin and in the intestine and in many other bodies, there are billions of various microbes. The totality of all living together with us microscopic creatures called microflora and in the opinion of American scientists differs greatly between poor and rich people. Most of these microorganisms protect us from disease and help digest food, but the people with small earnings they perform their work much worse. Researchers believe that people should begin to ensure that representatives of all social strata had the same right to a healthy microflora, and clean air and safety.

Rich people have the “quality” of germs

About the opening of Professor Suzanne ISEC American from the University of Maine and her colleagues told the online edition of ScienceDaily. About six months ago they noticed that people from wealthy families have a much more diverse microbiome of the intestine than others. Consequently, these people digest food better, get more nutrients and are generally more healthy individuals with a large lifespan.

What kind of microbes live in the human body?

According to scientists, the diversity of the microflora depends on the situation in the house, quality of food consumed and the level of medical care. On this basis, there is nothing surprising in the presence of the organisms rich people are more useful microbes than all the others. Some people can easily afford fresh fruits and vegetables with nutritious meat, while others are content with fast food and cheap food, which hardly enriches the microflora.

Without bacteria within our body we could not live

In addition, the scientists stressed that the microbiome is often passed down to the kids almost by inheritance. The fact that those who are born in poor families, the children almost immediately fall in dirty conditions and eat cheap food. Subsequently, they develop weak microflora, which can not provide sufficient power and protection from diseases. Often this leads to the fact that the child can achieve great success in life and his children also have to live in poor conditions.

It turns out that rich people are aging slower than the poor

According to researchers, every pregnant woman has the right to a comfortable vacation and a safe birth in a sterile environment. Those babies, in turn, it is important to provide a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fact that the frequency and quality of nutrition depends on the biodiversity within our organisms. And they, among other things, affect our health, which affects all of our lives.

The researchers concluded that in an ideal world everyone should have the right to a healthy microflora. Theoretically, in the future, this should be the same rate as a human right to clean water and air, and also safety. However, will the mankind be able to achieve this, it is not yet clear. Before the adjustment of the rights must be very far because scientists are seriously thinking about this now.