The new device from Toshiba a drop of blood reveals 13 types of cancer

Today in the world there are many ways to detect cancer diseases, which range from rather simple procedure of MRI to multi-stage operation with the sample directly in human tissues. But then all seems to have gone experts from Toshiba. They have created a device that can detect 13 types of cancer with 99% accuracy. And this will require only one drop of blood.

Just one drop of blood can warn of the dangers

How to detect cancer in the blood

As reported by the Japan Times, Toshiba has developed a new diagnostic method in conjunction with the National research Institute of Oncology (Japan) and Tokyo medical University. On the basis of these institutions now and is testing the technology. Thus, according to the developers, to commercialize the method will be “a few years after start of full-scale trials next year”.

The latest test is able to detect cancer of the stomach, esophagus, lung, liver, pancreas, biliary tract, colon, ovarian, prostate, bladder, breast, and glioma (tumor of the nerve tissue, often voznikalo in the brain) and sarcoma (a group of soft tissue tumors and fat, muscle and so on).

In comparison with methods of other companies, we have the advantage in accuracy of cancer detection, the time required for detection, and most importantly in value. The price will not exceed 20000 Japanese yen (about 12 thousand rubles, approx. edition) that such a wide spectrum of detected disease — just a ridiculous price. It is possible that the device will be used in routine medical examinations. — said the chief researcher of the laboratory of Toshiba research koji Hashimoto.

The method is based on the assessment of the type and concentration of molecules, micro-RNA of cancer cells circulating in the peripheral blood of man. The fact that all cancer cells often have different micro-RNA (this is the part of the cell which carries some information about its features and functioning). So, this structural element is not just varies from cell to cell, but each type of cancer, the concentration of micro-RNA in the blood of his own.

A diagnostic device developed by Toshiba

Yes, the differences are very small and reveal them only precise techniques, but the existing work in this area, though, and was very close to reality, at cost at the moment are much higher. From two to three thousand dollars or more. Here we have a much more available technology, which, however, still needs to prove its worth in practice. We will follow the development of events, so subscribe us not to miss the most important from the world of medicine and high technology.

It should be noted that Toshiba recently started work in the field of such a serious medical equipment. Besides working on the device for the detection of cancer, the company is seriously engaged in researches in the analysis of the genome and cellular diagnostics to detect various diseases. Also, a team of scientists from Toshiba is engaged in “solutions using artificial intelligence for medical purposes”. So it is likely that we will hear about the practices of the Japanese.