The Czechs claim to have invented a revolutionary way of charging an electric vehicle

In electric cars, well almost all. What is not very well corrected. And some manufacturers even offer unusual solutions, about which we also wrote. Here are just a few of them think about the charging stations, but they also need to improve. Now they work to provide easy but what happens in a few years, when the city will be twenty percent or more of the electric vehicles. As it is necessary to ensure their simultaneous fast charging. Skoda decided to think about it and promises a revolution.

Car charging is becoming more commonplace.

What is the electric car?

Indeed, just imagine how a quarter, a third or even half of the cars that are in your yard, at 20:00 stand for charging and an insane burden on the bulk power grid.

Can be installed in the charging station the batteries that collect energy and then transmit it in the car. In this case, the load on the network is distributed more evenly. Such systems are already working, but when using them we get a big harm to the environment. Plus the durability is also affected, as chemical energy storage devices have their own, often very limited, resource.

In the classical scheme of charging the car looks like the connection to the station, which is powered from the mains. The car gets energy at different speeds depending on the power station, the load, and installing a buffer battery. But experts Skoda has proposed a new charging method, which they regard as revolutionary,he was already about fifty years.

Charge car can be so.

Fast charging car

An electric car is no surprise, and even in Russia there are appropriate development. So no surprise that there are such cars as the Skoda Superb and CITIGOe iV Plug-In Hybrid.

Recently the company introduced a charging station that will be used, including, for these cars. This is a special 100-kilowatt system that is integrated with the drive Chakratec.

So will recharge your Skoda.

The main feature of the charging station is used in its design of a flywheel as an energy storage. This system not only eliminates peak loads on the infrastructure and allows you to quickly charge a vehicle, but also significantly increases the life of the station. According to the statements of the company it will increase to 200 000 cycles or about 20 years. In addition, significantly reduced the impact on the environment, as chemical battery is not the most economical thing.

The electric car is sustainable as long as the time comes to dispose of its battery.

Something fundamentally new in the idea of using a flywheel is not. It has been used in Motorsport for a short-term increase of power, which was filmed with flywheel, promoted the excessive energy of braking.

Also a similar system tried to use in road cars. There was even a pilot bus, which through the use of the flywheel, accumulating energy when braking or rolling downhill, save up to 40 percent of the fuel. That’s just Norba Gulia, who was engaged in active promotion of this technology has not found support among the Soviet government, and the technology has become widespread.

There was such an experimental car with front-wheel drive from the internal combustion engine, and in the back from the flywheel.

What is the super flywheel?

It may seem that the flywheel is something obsolete and inapplicable in our time. Such arguments are related to the fact that it’s the mechanics, which recently accepted to go towards electricians. However, the flywheel is the most efficient energy storage from those that are now known to mankind.

Imagine a Bicycle wheel that you are greatly hyped, lifting or turning it. Now try to abruptly stop it. Inertia will not let you do that easily. Now imagine that the flywheel is spinning at a speed of 30000 rpm. Attach it to a generator and get energy source that will work long enough.

If you spin this thing, the energy from it then you can get a lot.

The disadvantage of the flywheel is its relatively short time of rotation. That is, it overcomes air resistance and the resistance of the bearings. But you can use magnetic suspension and place the entire structure in a vacuum. So we can get rid of resistance and extend the time of rotation of the flywheel to insane values which will be measured not in hours and days and even months.

In turn, the advantage of a flywheel is its ability to fine-tune. That is, to accumulate energy from the wind station, electric motor or regenerative braking is very simple. Then at the right moment the energy can be taken for the promotion of the generator. The system is both simple and brilliant.