The company Tesla presented an electric pickup Cybertruck and it is available to order

Tesla is mainly known as a manufacturer of electric car and truck Semi Truck. However, in 2017, Elon Musk spoke about the development of corporate electric pickup. After a couple years of regular rumors about the future of the lightweight truck, the novelty was finally presented in the framework of the presentation on November 21 in Los Angeles. The pickup was called the Tesla Cybertruck and, as expected, has got a futuristic design, but this is clearly not what we were expecting.

Elon Musk on Tesla presentation Cybertruck

Details on the Tesla truck Cybertruck said Elon Musk, the performance of which can be viewed on YouTube. Like many other cars, the novelty will be available in three different versions with different power and duration of operation from a single charge. Depending on the modification, the truck will be equipped with one, two or three electric motors, but all versions without exception will be all-wheel drive. A single battery will be enough to overcome the 400, 480 or 800 kilometers. The older version can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in about 2.9 seconds. The cost of a Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck will be 40, 50 or 70 thousand dollars.

Undoubtedly, the specifications good that the truck can accelerate like a car, impressive. Only problem is the lack of any distinctive pieces. For example, competing with the Tesla pickup truck Rivian R1T able to share energy with other vehicles, and Tesla are unable to equip the novelty of even a semblance of such features.

Appearance of electric truck Tesla Cybertruck

An electric Tesla pickup truck

Previously, we have seen many times an exemplary external view of the electric Tesla pickup truck. As it turned out, the rumors were false — the new one looks a lot differently than we were shown. Instead of a future car from the movie “blade Runner”, was shown during a presentation something similar to a terrible version of the iconic DeLorean DMC-12. The body is made of durable steel and, according to Elon musk, is able to withstand a bullet of 9 mm caliber. Armored glass with a proprietary technology of Tesla, so the driver and passengers are likely to be safe. Only here’s the confusing thing — during the presentation Elon Musk asked the attendant to throw in a glass of metal bowl and it cracked.

During the presentation, the Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck broke the glass

Also very suspicious that Tesla has produced so strong a car with protection from firearms. Maybe Elon Musk knows something about the impending zombie Apocalypse?

In addition, a truck equipped with pneumatic suspension, which allows you to adjust the height of each axis. The capacity of the older version is 1600 pounds. High power innovations have been proven in the illustrative example, where he easily drags the two competing electric Ford F150 pickup truck, which at the same time going in the other direction.

In his Twitter Elon Musk shared that the car's design is inspired by the film about James bond "the Spy who loved me".

Undoubtedly, the car looks very futuristic, but are we ready to see such vehicles on public roads? We are all accustomed to neat and smooth the cars, why would people buy such vehicles — the big question. And after ordering a Tesla Cybertruck today on the company’s official websitefor only 100 dollars. But to ride it will not soon — pickup truck production will begin only in the end of 2021.

In the Tesla pickup will be available for download brand ATV Tesla, about whom is little known

During the presentation Elon Musk has mentioned that when you create the pickup used the same materials that are used when you create a space launch company SpaceX.

Judging by the picture, salon electric pickup made in minimalist style — however, as the interior of all cars Tesla. Only here unlike cars, the interior of the truck looks too strict, which may not appeal to most potential buyers. In the cabin there is a seat for the driver and five passengers. On the front panel, traditionally, is a huge screen to activate various functions like autopilot system and automatic Parking. Most likely, the electric pickup is also possible to launch the games.

Salon electric Tesla pickup truck Cybetruck

It should be noted that this is not the first electric truck on the market. In 2018 passenger truck with an electric motor showed a small American company Rivian Automotive. More about this can be read in our special article.