The Bees learned to swim not to drown in your drink

Probably the last hot summer each of us had to sit in the shade and enjoy some cooling sweet drink. To ruin this moment could do that fell into a glass bee that had flown during our absence. The drink could be considered unfit for drinking, but the lives of bees would be too early to give up. The fact that California recently, scientists have found that these honey insects wised up enough to learn to swim and to get out of the water. You can verify this by watching a video filmed with a high frame rate.

Bees swim in the water

About how bees are swimming, the first thought engineer Chris Roch. He strolled on the territory of the California technical Institute and saw floating in a pond of honey bee (Apis mellifera). You would think that she would have drowned in the water for several minutes, but no. The insect was actively flap their wings and gradually moving forward to the edge of the pond. The researcher began to wonder how to behave in such situations, other bees, so he picked up the insect and went to the lab.

Float like a bee?

Together with her colleagues, the researcher conducted an experiment using 32 bees. Scientists have placed them in the pan with the water and sent them the camera with the regime of slow motion. It was found that when immersed in water, the bees use their wings like oars and float forward until, until they reach the edge of the vessel. In nature, they thus reach the shore, dried and re-fly in the sky. And risk of drowning, they very often, when you fall to drink water.

When the bees are thrown onto the surface of the local pond, they swam to shore, dried up and flew away, — said the authors of the study.

The results of his research scientists published in the scientific journal PNAS. In addition, they mentioned that some species of insects use a completely different strategy to save water. For example, living close to the water and winged mayflies (Ephemeroptera) flapped on the surface of the water, clean the bottom space and freely soar. Bees, unfortunately, can’t do that — the lower part of their wings stick to the water, so to push away the liquid in side them does not succeed.

It is important to note that the bees can get out of the water captivity is not always. Scientists have noticed that working with the wings for more than 5 minutes, the insect is visibly tired. So if they fall in the middle of the great lake, they doom themselves to death — they simply have no chance to reach the shore.

But in all other respects bees are very intelligent creatures able to adapt to any conditions. Today we throw a huge amount of garbage and literally destroying our planet. But the bees are ready for it and in 2019 have already started to build nests out of plastic waste. But that’s good for nothing, because inside of these nests, scientists find dead insects.