In Egypt, mummies found lions and a statue of a scarab beetle. Why such discoveries became more?

Regular readers of our site probably noticed that news about archaeological discoveries in Egypt in recent years has become little more than usual. For example, recently we talked about one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the century, which is the excavation at least 30 mummies. They are notable for the fact that he was well hidden and for millennia remained untouched by robbers. But did you know that in 2018, the archaeologists were able to make interesting opening? Then, in the ancient burial ground of Saqqara, was excavated dozens of mummies of various animals, and also ancient Egyptian masks and figurines. So what exactly managed to dig up the archaeologists, and why news about the Egyptian discoveries in recent years has become more?

In Egypt you can find not only the mummies of cats, but the remains of lions and even crocodiles

What ancient artifacts have been discovered by scientists became known during a recent exhibition at the Saqqara necropolis. On this place thousands of years ago housed a huge cemetery in Memphis, which was considered the capital of Ancient Egypt. The Saqqara necropolis was the burial place for over 3 thousand years, so in its territory and made a large number of discoveries. At the moment it is located 30 km from the present capital of Egypt called Cairo.

Why the ancient Egyptians worshipped the lions?

According to the newspaper ScienceAlert, under layers of ancient Sands the archaeologists were able to find hundreds of different artifacts, including a variety of masks, statues and mummies of cats, crocodiles and even babies huge lions. At the moment it is believed that the ancient Egyptians mummified at least two cubs, but to determine their exact number required to conduct additional studies. In so honorable a burial of the young lions, there is nothing strange, because these animals were closely associated with one of the most important gods of Egypt ancient times.

We are talking about ancient Egyptian Maahes, the God of war and thunderstorms. The Egyptians portrayed him as a man with a lion’s head, in both hands which were knives. This God was mainly worshipped in the ancient Egyptian city of Leontopolis, even in the name of which you can see the word “leon”, in English meaning “lion.” His temples were kept tame lions, mentioned even in the writings of the Roman historian Claudia Eliana. If you believe his stories, the Egyptians worshipped the lions, and daily fed them meat to the music.

Also one of the most interesting exhibits is the huge statue of a scarab beetle. According to General Secretary of the Supreme Council of antiquities Mustafa Vaziri, the scarab is the largest in the world. Undoubtedly, the ancient Egyptians created the statue in honor of the fact that this insect was an important symbol of their homeland. It was believed that this small beetle repeats the daily path of the Sun — like celestial body, which moves across the sky and its warmth creates the conditions for life on earth, the scarab rolls a dung ball with eggs from East to West, until his kids are born.

Tourism in Egypt

Recent news about archaeological discoveries in Egypt was really a lot. And the thing is that the authorities want to tell more about the new findings and thus attract the attention of tourists. At the moment, Egypt can not recover after the riots of previous years, and tourism is one of the main sources of income of the country.