How science fiction writers saw in 2020?

Science fiction introduces us to a universe of complex and futuristic worlds, which may seem unrealistic. In the last few decades humanity has achieved incredible technological progress. Many of the ideas predicted by science fiction became reality. So, in the film adaptation of the science fiction of Philip K. dick novel “do androids Dream elektroauto?”, which was released in 1982 and was called “blade Runner”, the machine in November 2019 fly, the world is ruled by powerful corporations, and the Replicants are working in factories. However, while the Replicants and flying outside the window cars are seen, some corporations have indeed achieved a resounding success. Let’s see how he described the 2020 science fiction and try to understand which of their assumptions are true and which are not.

A shot from Ridley Scott’s “blade Runner” 1982

Science fiction predicts the future?

Some science fiction predicted technologies, such as Autonomous vehicles, are still in the early stages of development, but scientists around the world have achieved very, very much. Remember the Jules Verne novel “From the earth to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes”? The moment when people landed on the surface of the satellite of our planet took place in fact,there were times when the idea seemed maximally unrealistic. It is also interesting that in the 1865 novel, Verne described the mission of the three Americans who were launched on a space vehicle for landing on the moon. Even more amazing is that some part of the novel was similar to the first real landing of a robotic vehicle on the moon, which occurred 104 years after Verne wrote his cult novel.

But in the novel one of the most prominent representatives of the genre, sir Arthur C. Clarke called “the Ghost giant”, which was released in 1990, described the rise of the most famous sunken ship in history — Titanic. But 2012 is long gone, but the remains of the passenger liner still are at a depth of 3800 meters in the North Atlantic ocean.

Thus, while some predictions of science fiction have not come true, we can make a calendar of future events based on a variety of science fiction works (taking into account the works and science fiction and fantasy). Note that some works do not have a specific date. So, in the novel “the Last man” Mary Shelley tells of a futuristic world devastated by the plague. But we will focus on the predictions, whose authors described the year 2020. Are you ready?

Colonization of Venus in the year 2020

Filmed in 1965, the film “Voyage to the prehistoric planet”, directed by Curtis Harrington, describes a future where colonization of the moon is over and people have more attractive goal: the colonization of Venus. Most unusual in this story is that on Venus the colonists face with a prehistoric world full of dinosaurs and strange human civilization. The film, of course, takes place in 2020. Totally unrealistic to forecast, given the current knowledge about the second planet from the Sun, which on the surface is a real hell.

Recently we told you about a new NASA mission, the purpose of which is to study Venus

The first man on Mars

Many people think that this moment is rapidly approaching, however the reality paints a slightly different picture: despite the fact that the Space X Elon musk and NASA announced plans to colonize the red planet, in practice this task can be extremely difficult. But in the novel Kim Stanley Robinson’s “Red Mars”, published in 1993 the first man to set foot on Mars in 2020 was the American John Boone. By the way “Red Mars” is the first part of the excellent Mars trilogy.

And yet, the future is now — today, Mars is the only planet in the Solar system that is inhabited by robots

The human brain is connected to the Internet

And this is one of the latest predictions in 2004, writer Geoff Ryman wrote in his novel “Air” in 2020 our brain will be constantly connected to the Internet. What, by the way, dreams of Elon Musk, developing Neuralink.

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Return to Mars

The 2000 film “Mission to Mars” directed by Brian De Palma, talks about heart of the red planet, which sent a rescue team in search of a lost in the previous mission astronaut. In orbit is a space station Earth, which prepares the ship for rescue operations: Mars II. What the astronauts discover is intriguing, but has nothing to do with reality — the film focuses on the mysterious face on Mars, which, as you probably already know, there. But actually the movie really good.

Frame from the movie “Mission to Mars”

What to expect in 2021?

Remember the movie “children of men”, which was released in 2006? This adaptation of the novel by Phyllis Dorothy James, in which the film is set in 2021. According to the story, the last child born on Earth 25 years ago, because all women in the world could have no more children.

Shot from a film “the Child human”

Pretty dark scenario for humanity, however the reality it has nothing to do — as of November 4, 2019 the population of Earth is 7, 741, 511, 723 people.