Household chemicals can cause aggressive forms of cancer

Every day people use different household chemicals, which greatly facilitates the daily chores, from washing dishes and ending with the use of certain types of medicines. Scientists suggest that the aggressive form of cancer can be caused by conventional means of home use. In order to test this theory, the experts conducted a number of studies that can help in the development of new treatments for breast cancer, considered the most aggressive type of cancer, among other types of this disease.

Cancer of the breast can be caused by certain types of household chemicals

What causes breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases on the planet, which can be successfully treated with early diagnosis. However, the differences between different types of breast cancer can be very significant, especially when compared to the aggressiveness of Triple negative subtype. Triple negative breast cancer (TRMG) got its name due to the lack of response to stimulation by estrogen, progesterone or the protein HER2, which, by the way, affects its resistance in the treatment of hormonal drugs.

In this regard, the only existing therapeutic option in the treatment of TRMI is chemotherapy, which has very limited effectiveness. According to the portal in order to reveal risk factors and discover potential new therapies TRMI, researchers in the UK studied the so-called nuclear receptors, which represent a kind of environment sensors that help control the mammary tissue, which are activated by such hormones as estrogen and progesterone. It is considered that these receptors can activate the surrounding chemicals, which in turn can change your job when the occurrence of breast cancer.

Surrounding chemicals can be potential triggers of breast cancer

Examining samples of breast tissue, the researchers found that many of the nuclear receptors may behave differently, depending on the type of breast cancer. So, thanks to the creation of a computer model, the researchers were able to determine that some types of household detergents, antiseptics and medicinal drugs is really able to activate nuclear receptors, causing women’s diseases. Despite the fact that in themselves cleansers are relatively safe and do not cause much harm to human health, household may settle on dishes and other surfaces in the future getting into the human body. Nanoplates in the human body, household chemicals detrimental to the body’s immune system, causing the occurrence of allergies, gastritis, ulcers and cancer.

Certainly, the experimental data still need to be tested and carrying out a deeper series of studies, but experts are convinced that the results will help in creating new treatments for aggressive forms of breast cancer.

To unsubscribe from household chemicals, according to scientists, it is not necessary. First and foremost, they are encouraged to think about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle overall, which is the best preventive measure to maintain and strengthen their own health.