As the water in the ears can damage your brain?

The adoption of the bath perfectly relaxes the body, and swimming develops physical strength and improves brain function. Only now while in the water with all of us can be a nuisance getting water in the ears. Not only that, in this case, there is an unpleasant stuffy, and there is a risk of catching any infection. To get rid of the water in the ears of all of us mainly just with the power shaking the head in the hope that drops just pop out of the ear canals. Of course, this is a very effective method of getting rid of nasal congestion is known to us from childhood, but according to the published in a scientific journal Phys.Org the results of the study, head shaking can seriously damage the human brain.

The pool is always need to wear a swimming cap

If you are for his life he managed many times to shake his head after the pool, fear not — if you’ve done this since my teenage years, with your brain, nothing happened. According to American scientists, the risk of brain damage while trying to get rid of moisture in the ears are only little children. It turned out that their small diameter ear canals simply can not withstand the force that acts on the person’s head when shaken. This told the researchers during his speech at the 72nd annual meeting of the American physical society, taking place from 23 to 26 November in the Washington city of Seattle.

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How to get rid of water in your ears?

According to one of the authors of Anuja Baskota, in their scientific work they set out to calculate the acceleration necessary to remove moisture from the ears of the person using the shaking of the head. During several experiments, they found that water gets in the ears of a man due to the formation of the so-called surface tension. If you experience this effect, on the surface of the liquid is something like an invisible film, which prevents the water in the ears to freely flow out. In nature surface tension of water can be seen lying on the leaves of plants in the dew or rain drops. You probably noticed that the drops are strongly held on the surface until, until will not evaporate or does not fall due to a sharp stir of leaves.

We can say that getting water in the ears can cause damage to his brain

According to calculations of scientists, to shake the moisture from human ears, pretty much required acceleration. Due to the rather wide ear canals, adults can without any fear to shake head and had no problem to get rid of moisture. Only here narrow auditory canals of children are hardly able to withstand the acceleration needed for shaking out drops of water. Therefore, scientists were quick to warn that trying to get water out of baby’s ears with shaking of the head, parents can cause him irreparable harm. For example, they are able to damage his brain.

In anmethod of getting rid of trapped ear water scientists recommended to drip into your child’s ears a few drops of alcohol. According to them, this fluid easy tear invisible tape and water is easily drained from the ears. Of course, it is highly recommended to call your doctor and to consult. After all, you never know what contraindications may be present in a child — what if the alcohol would cause him to health even more damage?