Why China began to raise pigs the size of a polar bear?

In the article about the successful creation of artificial pork we mentioned that China is one of the largest consumers of pork meat. However, at the moment, Asia is widely distributed so-called African swine fever. This disease is not for people at risk, but pigs when infected suffer from high fever, vomiting, paralysis of the hind limbs and eventually die. Due to the mass extinction of pork Asian farmers began to suffer losses, therefore, decided to raise animals the size of polar bears. But how is that possible?

It turns out that Yes. According to the us publication Bloomberg, one of the farmers of the Chinese Autonomous region of Guangxi raises pigs weighing more than 500 pounds. For comparison, the weight of an adult male polar bear is 450 kilograms. The huge breeding pigs brings to the farmer an income of about $ 1,400, three times the average income in the province.

The weight of an adult polar bear up to 450 pounds

The biggest pig in the world

According to Guinness world records, the world’s biggest pig is big bill, who lived in the XX century. His weight was 1157 pounds, and in size it was larger than his master. Unusual animal at the time attracted the attention of many people, so it is often carried on all sorts of exhibitions. However, one of the trips was for pigs fatal — when it in 1933, carried on the Chicago world exhibition, a truck driver too has dramatically increased the speed. In the end, the pig could not stand its own weight, broke his leg and because of the strong suffering had to be put down.

The biggest pig in the world named big bill

A lot of weight is one of the main causes of death of large pigs. This same problem ruined and grown in 2004, the pig is Ton pig, weighing more than 900 pounds. Grown today in China, pigs are mainly done by the farmers before they ruin their own weight. According to Bloomberg, the increase in the average weight of pigs at 14% allow farmers to get 30% more profit.

These pigs today are raised in China

The shortage of pork

Apparently, the huge farming of pigs will be relevant for a long time. The fact is that in an attempt to stop the spread of African swine farmers had to destroy from 250 to 300 million animals. In addition to the need for growing huge pigs, farmers need to carefully protect them from other diseases and to avoid the occurrence of marriage. Because of this, the price of pork continues to rise, with the change in the value will soon be seen in other countries.