The astronauts will help Lamborghini to create a new material for cars

The Italian company Lamborghini does not spend time on the production of cheap cars and focuses on the development of expensive sports models. Accordingly, in her work she uses very expensive materials, in which she helps scientists and even astronauts. For example, in 2016 the researchers of mit has agreed to assist her in the development of composite materials that make vehicles lighter and at the same time stronger. We now know that the creation of such materials to help her even the crew of the International space station.

Lamborghini became the first car manufacturer that tests the materials in space

According to the publication Carscoops, the company decided to create an even lighter and stronger carbon fiber options, which are actively used to create brand sports cars. This material consists mainly of carbon, also called carbon fiber, so the company decided to send his samples to the International space station to expose them to the test in extreme conditions. Testing will be conducted for six months and then will continue on the Earth.

Looks like the surface of the carbon fiber

Lamborghini cars will be lighter and stronger

The company was sent to the station five samples of a composite material of carbon fiber. One of them is already actively used in the production of cars Performante Lamborghini Huracan and consists of short filaments. Also among the samples there is a variant printed on a 3D printer and composed of continuous fibers — for strength is not inferior to aluminum. Among the other samples turned out to be variants, as characterized by light weight while high strength.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

It is known that everything sent into space the materials are subjected to thermal stress from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius. They will also be tested under high concentration of solar radiation and other cosmic radiation. At the end of the mission when the samples will return to Earth, they will be examined for the presence of chemical and physical deterioration. It is expected that these observations will allow us to create new variants of CFRP, which will be better than the current.

It is expected that new materials will be used in new models of sports cars Lamborghini. The researchers also hope that ugleplastika will be used in medicine, for example in prostheses and subcutaneous devices for measuring various health indicators. In addition, a material in great demand in the manufacture of space-rocket engineering, aircraft and even musical instruments. And the reason for this popularity — the same combination of lightness and strength.