Russia is working on a vessel for raising sunken ships

This little wonder, but drowning in the water, the ships, submarines, planes and satellites do not harm nature less especially today’s micro-plastic. The most dangerous particles are trapped at the bottom of the equipment are rust and fuel residue — they can poison the water for hundreds of years. All this rubbish need to immediately pull to the land and to do this in the next few years will be used by the Russian ship, developed by Krylov state research center “Project 23570”. Information about the future novelty have been published on the portal FlotProm.

The construction of the vessel will be launched in 2020 in the Murmansk region, on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. Case swimming apparatus will be made in the form of a catamaran, consisting of two parallel hulls connected by a deck. Since he will have to raise pretty large and heavy objects, the case will be 137 meters long and 36 meters wide. All this will allow the ship to lift cargo weighing up to 14 tons.

How many Russian sunken ships?

In the photo below, you can see that the gripping device will be located on the bottom of the ship, between the parallel buildings. It is expected that using it in the coming years in Murmansk will be raised from the bottom of the sunken in 2018 floating dock PD-50. Floating the device will be used for the repair of underwater pipelines. In General, the work for the ship at the moment abound.

Layout “Project 23570”. Photo Mil.Press

In Russia really a lot of sunken ships, some of them are at the bottom of large rivers. For example, from the bottom of the Volga river basin since 1998, had raised more than 2,000 vessels. It is known that at the bottom of the Volga river at the moment are 481 different ships, metallic hull which is constantly oxidized and cause harm to all the underwater creatures and plants. We can only hope that someday humanity will be at least a little to clear the water depth.

Sank floating dock PD-50

Harm sunken ships

Some ships lie on the seabed and the ocean floor hundreds of years, and mankind doesn’t even know about the existence of some of them. To detect sunken objects with the help of radars, which scan underwater areas by using echolocation. About this method of search for the lost underwater objects, we were told in the news found in Egypt temples and sunken ships.

Also highly recommend reading the material about staying on the bottom of the Baltic sea ship times of Christopher Columbus. As a rule, so old ships to date, we have fully eaten of the so-called “ship worms”, but that’s what the ship is preserved much better than others. That ship lay at the bottom for hundreds of years, in General there is nothing wrong — still early ships were built of wood and is an environmentally friendly product which is easily decomposed.