If we ever move to other planets?

Modern fantasy films often warn us about the possibility of future climate change that can lead the mankind to look for new, more hospitable worlds. However, according to phys.orgthe Nobel laureate 2019 Michel Mayor completely denies the possibility of a person moving to another planet. Could it be that all of humanity’s dreams of space are futile and we are doomed to remain only oneplanet view?

Can a person become an interplanetary species?

Michel Mayor, the first man in history who managed to discover an exoplanetorbiting a sun-like star. This is a truly epochal event in astronomy happened in the distant 1995, when the scientist was able to discover a distant world of gas close to the star 51 peg. Despite the fact that the historical discovery of the planet happened 24 years ago, the scientist was awarded the Nobel prize in physics only in 2019.

The researcher believes that the idea that people will one day be able to live on another planet, is totally absurd. Your opinion the scientist argues that the journey beyond the Solar system would take too much time, becoming unfounded and extremely expensive event.

Surely mankind will not be able to see with your own eyes the incredible alien landscapes?

Michel Mayor believes that absolutely all detected exoplanets are very far away from Earth, even if we consider those that are in the neighborhood. As you know, most of our nearest exoplanet is a planet orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, which is located approximately 4.25 light years from Earth. Given the level of development of modern technologies, to the nearest neighbor to the Sun we’ll have to get as much as 18,000 years. Not the most pleasant prognosis, isn’t it? What to say about those worlds that are a little farther away and located in the tens or hundreds of light years from our blue planet?